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Hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying their Memorial Day Weekend. As a result of quarantine, I've began working on the layout again for the first time in approximately ten years. 

One of the areas I wanted to tackle was a bridge crossing (see photos). I used to have a makeshift mountain tunnel covering the area, but I think I now want to incorporate one or two side by side bridges. In an ideal world, I would love to have another **** Gate Bridge, but unfortunately, the **** Gate does not work given the curves leading into the straight away. 

After doing a search online, I was overwhelmed to see all the various options now available, and I was interested in seeing if anyone had any recommendations for what could work here? The current wood planks are 24 inches, and the actual crossing is 21 inches. 

The layout is not a particular era and I'd say it's a hybrid between toy/realistic. I've included a link to a video I made back in 2014 for reference (I've done a scenery overhaul in the past three months). Also, please don't judge me for the mess surrounding the tracks in the photos! I'm open to all suggestions! Thanks in advance for your expertise and feedback! 



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This is the new version of the Menards double track bridge with flashing lights on top. Paul 2

O Scale 24" Dual Track Train Bridge w/ Lights
Model Number: 2794177 Menards® SKU: 2794177
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O Scale 24
O Scale 24
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O Scale 24
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Description & Documents

Now with lights! Featuring 4 blinking red LED lights


Dimensions: 24"L x 8-7/8"W x 9-1/2"H



  • Features 4 blinking red LED warning lights
  • 3-ply wood construction with intricately detailed posts and railings
  • Metal base is strong enough to span a gap yet thin enough to sit flat on any existing layout
  • Interior is 8" wide to support any style of train tracks, including FasTrack®
  • 7" clearance through bridge
  • Approximate Power Draw: 200 mA
  • Requires 4.5-volt power source (sold separately, Menards SKU# 279-4061, 4062, 4050)

If you want something simple and easy that won't block the view of your other bridge, you could try a girder bridge.  Scenery Express has kind lengths that would fit your gap.

Have fun.




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I really like Ron’s girder bridge idea, but I would also narrow the water way a little to add a little visual justification for not using a full size bridge. 

Thank you all for the feedback, it's greatly appreciated!! I was looking at Scenery Express, but was not able to find any of the girder bridges mentioned. The Menards bridge definitely looks like a great candidate, but I also like the girder bridge idea as well. My only issue is everything appears to be 10"-11". I can easily double up, just don't know if that will look odd. 

Thanks again!

Plastruct makes a nice O scale Truss Bridge Kit. Great price also. Here's the info and price. $39.95, length 30 inches, width 5 inches. Don


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Scenery Express has girder bridge plate bridge material that you cut and bend(very carefully) as needed. It is made from resin. Each piece is 26.5". This may be another option for you. 


Or you could fabricate an island midway in the river and have two girder bridges per track to cross the river.

Not having a lot of building time  and needing 11 bridges I resorted to masonry arch bridges.  Easy to build in 12 to 90 inch length using 5.5 mm Meranti Mahogany plywood.  Can hold heavy weights.  The girder bridge is also a quick build.




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Nice layout and video.....excellent collection of eclectic road names running! Good luck in your quest for bridges. Please post more pics/video when done!


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