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I think that we can conclude that it is prototypical that they do not match.  From looking at the few color photos that are available in books and websites, the 3rd Rail F3 (actually an F2) paint scheme, which is the original NdeM diesel scheme from the mid/late 1940’s, is a dark green with orange stripes, while the GGD passenger car scheme used on the NdeM 10-6 separate sale sleepers from the Eagle run, which is from the late 1950’s, is a nearly black green with red stripes and yellow lettering.  The NdeM diesel paint scheme changed from the green scheme to the black/red/yellow scheme in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s.  So, although there was a little bit of overlap in the later 1950’s, the nearly black green/red stripes/yellow lettering passenger scheme was mainly used with the black/red/yellow diesel scheme, and thus not really designed to match the original green diesel scheme, from what I can discern.

The NdeM heavyweight coaches/sleepers should match the NdeM 10-6 separate sale sleepers from the Eagle run.

Just following up on the NdeM color schemes.  Here is a side-by-side photo of the nearly black green with red stripes and yellow lettering scheme against a lighter green with yellow lettering and no stripes scheme.


The lighter green would appear to match that of the NdeM F3 (F2) that 3rd Rail made.  Although the passenger cars in the linked photo are lightweights, perhaps we could also get some GGD heavyweights done in the lighter green scheme to match the F3 locomotives?

Any NdeM experts out there who could tell us whether the two different green schemes were a change over time or used for different trains in the same time frame?  Or maybe both?

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