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As of today, all of the SD60s, and most of B&P's SD40-2s, have been stored, and a few have entered service on other Genessee & Wyoming railroads. Let's roll the clock back to February 2023, and chase a trio of the units from Salamanca to Johnsonburg, where the trio will meet a quartet of SD40-2s on RISI. @conwayproductions, @westernpennsylvaniarails1777, @NS_5350 and I chose to wait for the quartet to pass the CPLs at Johnsonburg instead, after which we called it a day so a member of the group could get to work. SIRI consist: SD60M 3884 SD60M 3886 SD60I 3881

(0:00) Intro

(0:10) Idling in Salamanca

(0:52) Departing Salamanca

(5:53) Carrollton, NY, viaduct

For several reasons, I hate this shot.

(7:24) NY-PA State Line

(7:59) Switching Bradford. We got distracted by BR-1, and then I had a poorly-timed desire for a bio-break, resulting in us missing the train departing Bradford.

(10:01) Droney Road

Note to self: don't pull off into the snow to let a truck pass if your car doesn't have four-wheel drive.

(14:03) Mount Jewett

(14:37) Morning Star Road

RISI consist: SD40-2s 3343, 3394, 301, 6059

(15:39) Glen Hazel Road

(17:34) Mount Jewett

(19:43) Photos and end card

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