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I am planning on building a multi-purpose baseball / football stadium on my layout.  It will be confined to a 4'X4' area.  I'll be using:


*grass mat for the playing field

*real dirt for the warning track

*Lionel Double Yard lights for stadium lights

*1/4" dowels for foul poles

*1/2" styrofoam for the outfield fence to curve as needed (3" high)

*A home made "out of town scoreboard" printed with white letters on black background

*In game scoreboard with score by innings (Showing the Yankees losing 

*A 10" flat screen tv for a video scoreboard

*Scratch built stadium bleachers (wish me luck!)

*Commercially bought ballplayers

*Train related (and beer) advertisements around the ballpark


For football:

*A separate grass mat with yard markings to put over the field during fall & winter months

*Commercially bought football players

*A football "out of town scoreboard"

*In game scoreboard with score by quarters (Showing the Cowboys or Giants losing 

*Goal posts at each end


Plans also include an adjacent parking garage, hot dog vendor carts and an American Flag in centerfield.

Any time I need certain scale figures... I tend to search the WhizKids HeroClix / HorrorClix products first.  These figures are almost dead-on 1/48 scale.  The male figures tend to range from 1-3/8" to 1-1/2" tall, and the female figures typically range from 1-1/4" to 1-3/8" tall.


In this case, you might want to take a look at their SportsClix line.  They have a full series of MLB figures that can be purchased in starter sets and individual booster packs.  If you are looking for a specific pose, you can find them on the auction site for a buck or so each, or you can find them at gaming shops.  I don't know the height of these figures, but I can't imagine that they would be  any different than the rest of their product lines.


Here's a photo of the MLB Starter set:





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  • sportclix

I have made some baseball & football games over the years and I have found 24" x 24" to be a good size for a baseball field to look right for a modest size layout. And I animated the fields to have from 2 to 10 players moving on the field and on some I have put a animated scorekeeper on the elevated scoreboard.


I have also animated a football game using the Dept. 56 Football Stadium and I made the field to be 12" x 16" using the field and football players that come with the building.


The top photo is of the 1st animated baseball game which I still have and it is 35 yrs. old and has 10 animated players plus a animated scorekeeper.












Also some photos of the animated football game.


I started building my animations in 1972. & Spike's Wonderland of Animation, since 1980.



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  • ****83-29: My first animated Baseball Game 35 years ago
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Originally Posted by AlanRail:

I built Wrigley Field for a client once.  The elevated line was nearby. I used an old auto controller to spin the pitcher and the batter in throw and delayed batter swing motions. I used Corel draw to create the scoreboard that indicated that the Cubs won the pennant and various entrance signage. 


Toys and reality suggestively mixed.


And some big time FANTASY!!

"that the Cubs won the pennant"

Slim selection out there.

Not too convincing for what I’m looking for.


I’m having Arttista make some teen rock throwers for us. Maybe he can do some baseball players too.

It just amazes me that many of the common items are often overlooked for O scale.

I put this item in the (need to make category) with the 60’s & 70’s trucks.

Thanks for the links and info.

Here is a few pics of what is was like growing up in Hazleton, Pa. when I was a kid in the 60s.  We played baseball from morning until dark.  Morning was always devoted to building or improving the backstop use of a poor catcher and so the ball didn't go in the blackberry bushes.  I got all the players from scenic expess and a few others I found in the White Hall at YORK.

You can go way back and build Baker Bowl
Originally Posted by Traindiesel:
Here is a site I found for baseball and football players:
Originally Posted by Rixster:

Brian....sounds cool. just don't make it to be Veterans Stadium. 



Rick, no Vet Stadium.  I'm thinking of a combination of Citizens Bank Park and Connie Mack Stadium.  That could change as I attempt to build it down the road.






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This is a great topic. Baseball, apple pie, and trains are something we all can relate to. I would love to do a model of my beloved Turner Field before it is torn down and goes into the history books. What a wonderful place to watch a ballgame.


Someone should do a model of Minute Maid Park. The train on top of the left field wall would make this an unbelievably good ballpark to model. Another wonderful ballpark to watch a game.


Minute Maid Park

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