After fourteen years, and many redesigns, I am finally taking down my current layout in favor of a completely blank slate. The new layout will approximately be 12x8 and use Lionel Fastrak, other than that, I really do not know what I am going to do. I am home for the next month for my Christmas Break from school and intend to get as much done as possible. 

I was hoping to use this thread as an outlet to share layout progress and to get tips/recommendations.  Below is a video of my previous layout and an explainer video to a layout update series I intend on filming. 

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Update 12/19 

The past few days have been focusing on benchwork, putting up new tables and clearing off the one existing table. The image below is the table tipped on its side to install wheels on the bottom of the legs. 

Then after building the second table, it was eventually rolled into place (some test laying of the track can be seen on the table to the far right. My plan is for the far-right table to be a small yard, an engine service facility and an industry or two, the middle table being more residential area with a passenger station, and the far-left table being a city scene with (hopefully) a trolley. I hope to have trains running by Christmas!  

Steal of the Week: While going to antique stores looking for some building for my city scenes (The woman wanted $225 for a used MTH operating transfer warehouse ) I found a stack of 8 very clean 30" pieces of Fastrak, the guy wanted $20 for the entire lot, simply an offer I could not refuse! 


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You are getting a good start on the new layout.  That was a great deal on the track.  Looking forward to seeing progress!!

Well to say I have been busy over the past week or so would be quite the understatement. With the goal of having trains running by Christmas Eve, there was certainly a lot of work to be done over the week and a half since my last post and today. The construction of the two was completed yesterday (12/21) with two grass mats being set in place. Normally, I would like to do the grass but, with a limited amount of time before I go back to school it was the easiest and cheapest method. Not perfect but better than nothing.  

After putting the grass mats into place I began to screw done the track. When trying to install the third table (far left) the only way the three tables would fit is if there were turned adjacent to the window, meaning all the track had to be relaid. 

I began laying track on the newer section to see what it would look like. Somehow, I still need to pick up a few more pieces of track, so that will be a quick trip to my LHS tomorrow. The wood on the table has been cut more of on an angel to look nicer and to provide more access to the doorway. 

Expect a new YouTube video up tomorrow with trains running (hopefully). For now, you can check it out here


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Great work, RJ!  The video of you describing what you want to do and seeing it in progress in photographs shows the major changes you plan.  I'm pulling for you to have trains running by Christmas!!

RJ, Excellent plan and execution!  The trains are running smoothly!

Have a great semester at school!!!

Here is a sneak peek at some layout work I got done last weekend when I was back from school. I hope to have a full layout video posted sometime this week. Stay tuned!

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A quick update video wanted to get something up before any real layout progress began this week. A longer more in-depth video should be coming in a week or so!

Nice video and thanks for the prototype video of your new loco.

Special thanks for the date in the thread title.

Well now that my university has sent us all home for the rest of the semester, the good news is more layout work is on the way. The first thing I did was try my hand at static grass and loved the outcome, seen here next to a Menards truck.

Next, I began some senary work in the residential area. I am hoping to finish the scenery before starting work on the foreground. Seen here is some roadwork and Woodland scenics grass.

Lastly, Curbs are being installed, still, some touch-up work left to do but overall some progress. 


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Well, I have plenty of time to work on the layout now. Here is a quick video of some of the work I have been doing the past couple of weeks. 

great video nice touch adding locomotive breath. what kind of sound proof board on the layout are you using homasote--foam carpet?

waynef posted:

great video nice touch adding locomotive breath. what kind of sound proof board on the layout are you using homasote--foam carpet?

I do not use any. It is simply fastrack on top of the plywood. Kind of noisy but I do not mind. 

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