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Does Lionel make any switches larger than 072? If not I'll just stay with the 072's. Is there a Video that shows how to install switches to form a yard?

Sincerely Allan Martinez

Lionel makes curved FT sections larger than O-72, but I believe the largest FT remote/command track switch is O-72. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

Not sure about a video, but take a look at this thread, especially the references.

Yard Lead Question | O Gauge Railroading On Line Forum (

Does Lionel make any switches larger than 072? If not I'll just stay with the 072's. Is there a Video that shows how to install switches to form a yard?

Sincerely Allan Martinez

I'm working on an Intermodal Yard with a side engine yard.  I've run into some very interesting issues that I feel can only be resolved with custom track.  Regardless, may I inquire why you would need a switch larger than an O-72?  I'm trying to keep my Intermodal Yard in a small footprint.  Can't have it as big as my house.  So I'm looking at O-54's for the ends of the ladder.

You can also find various track layout software on the net.  I've been using the one provided by Atlas, albeit it has some issues.


This message is for Apples55,

Paul I have a question about the 4 photos you sent me. In photo #3 on the island in the center of your Layout. You started with 2 back-back Wye Switches then you started to branch out and it became a 6 Lane Storage Tracks for your Engines.

Am I right so far? Did you add any spacers in between the Wyes to branch out your Tracks?



In short, the answer you are correct. Sorry for the delay, but here is a diagram of the yard with indications of the types of track used. There are some “spacers” used (1.375” straights which actually come with the switches). Of course, if you have the room, you could add additional straights to spread the tracks further apart. Please note, my configuration required that I move the switch lights to the opposite side (instructions come with the switch).


One other resource you might want to check out is the Lionel Track & Power Catalog. It has a lot of examples of creating different designs of track wyes and crossovers.

I’m pretty tied up for the next day or two, but as soon as I am free, I’ll get down and do a short video of an engine going in/out of the yard.


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@SteveH posted:

I can say definitively, as of this time, the largest diameter of FasTrack switches made is O-72.  If you're looking for something with wider curves, Atlas, Gargraves and Ross sell them.  Or you could make your own if you're so inclined.

I'm curious, Steve. Have you made custom switches?  In particular, Atlas custom switches?


@A. Wells

Sorry if my post was ambiguous.  I wasn't meaning to imply that one might replicate any particular brand of switches, nor that I have.

But, I have read with interest about making your own track and switches here on OGR.  Here's a link to FAST TRACKS (not Lionel) where they sell supplies and tools, jigs, etc. for anyone who may be interested in building their own track and switches.

@SteveH - While I'm waiting for some items for another project, I'm wanting to make an Atlas O-72 Single Slip Switch; the initial being a proof of concept/prototype.  Interesting enough the hang-up is I'd like to have metal frogs in the design but that may not be doable.  (Atlas is now using plastic for the inner frogs of the 45 degree crossovers.  Go figure.)  I need two for my layout as currently designed.  And, yes, I know I could use two O-72 switches and a 45 degree crossover but 1) space is a big issue and 2) the tracks need to be fairly close together in the yard.

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