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Wanted to try my hand at making a plate girder bridge (which are quite common around here). Since I'm printing with resin, build space is limited (and while I could print longer pieces vertically, the trade off in build time usually isn't worth it, unless I absolutely, positively have to).

Went with a modular design, so I could go as long as I want (as wide too if I modify it slightly). Along the way I learned a good bit about the construction of plate girder bridges (and the current design will be further modified, but wanted to finish what I started first.

This one has 3 sections and endcaps. Simple boards between sides, which in later versions will be I beams with boards on top (so the ballast doesn't fall down to the street). Total print time for the entire thing was about 16 hours, and maybe $10 worth of resin.



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@BillYo414 posted:

That looks amazing!! What did you use for assembly?

I used JB Kwickweld to assemble the side pieces, using little sewing clips to hold them together while they set. I just attached the base pieces with generic crazy glue, but I'll be supplementing that with something else, as it doesn't seem strong enough. Would have used model glue, but I have no idea how well it works on cured resin.

@Magicland posted:

Would have used model glue, but I have no idea how well it works on cured resin.

That's a good point. I print FDM PLA and I never considered using model glue. I wonder how it would work!

Thanks for the glue selection info though. I've been using Loctite Go2 and it's ok. I mostly like it because it's easy to cut any flashing off the joint where the glue is. The bridge looks great! It's pretty cool that it's functional as well.

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