Building new layout for my grandson, (and me,too) ! Nov. 2018 update!

Finally got done laying track for this years layout. Got "finished" with the wiring today and set a few Menards buildings on the layout. Just in time, too, as our grandson is coming Thursday and will want to run trains. I will probably add some operating accessories between now and Christmas, but they will have to be small ones. Still needs wiring work also. In another topic, I showed it is an 027, over/under figure 8, with a Super O loop around the outside. Here are a few photos of the layout as it looks today. At least it runs!

Jefflionel layout 2018 onelionel layout 2018 twolionel layout 2018 threelionel layout 2018 four


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When you spend time with your grand children they will talk about you there whole life, but when you do it with a train lay out, its like planting a seed. They will ALWAYS feel a connection to you when they have there own lay-out even though you are gone!

Trains seem to span the generation gap, It’s like your grand children and yourself are the same age, share the same excitement, talk the same language.

Our trains/ layouts aren’’t worth much if we where to sell them used but the memory’s are priceless!! 

JD2035RR posted:

Looks great! Fun track plan and the Menards buildings really pop with the lights. Hope you and your grandson have a fun time. 

Good move making things operational first, then adding extra goodies as you go. It’s no good having a layout that gets bogged down in complexities and unable to actually run trains! 

I had to stop doing what I wanted to do (working on a major engine shed build) to prioritizing the snow village and xmas tree for the kids. Wrestled the polar express train back out of the box. 

Railroad modeling is therapeutic. 

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