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I am scratch building the sanding tower at the Milwaukee shops in Milwaukee.  It is mostly finished, but I need some closeup photos to add details, hoses, etc.  


I constructed it based on these 3 photos on the web.  
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

Let me know if you have detailed pictures or can point me to more photos on the web.  Thanks.



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Thanks Alan for your comments and suggestions.

Here are a few quick iPhone pictures.  Yes, the dome roof was a compromise (using the Plastruct tank ends) that will be a little less obvious after painting.  I had already added the hatches.  I will try the scoring (I should have done it before assembly).

I was unable to find detail of the hoses, but I based them on other Milwaukee sand towers.

Lastly, I need to pick up more of the ladder cage material to add to the top of the delivery tower, then it will be ready for painting.




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Thanks Alan for the cage recommendations.  I know you have been down this road on many projects.  I found some more cage material in another kit, so I will "borrow" it to move along the project.  

I was wondering if those little balls above the beam were floodlights.  Thanks for the confirmation.  I will get busy making them and adding SMD LEDs.


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