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Mike, Brian, Brwebster, and Mark . . .

Many thanks for your comments and contributions to this thread. I apologize for missing some of these comments and for taking so long to respond. I have spent quite a few hours pondering how to accomplish just the right blend of narrow gauge and also a standard gauge exchange. The ideas are still a work in progress. I have not yet committed any final thoughts to paper. I will creat some type of update when I can.

Originally Posted by Bob Anson:
Mike, you hear much from Dr. Steve??  is he still in o scale or just big scale?
Originally Posted by zak98:

good choice.  i just dismantled my On3 layout.  i ran 44" radius and MMI k36 had no issues at all.  my link to, well what is now my previous layout, is below.  there is also a thread on the 2 rail forum around the demolition of it.  great choice to model after;  the MMI stuff ran for 8 years on my layout with no issue (i DCC'd all 9 locos). they ran flawless.


hey bob,  ping me off list and i will fill you in!

Now it looks more and more like the idea of building the San Juan Central is going to give way to an "Intraguage" layout. By that I mean most of the layout will be dual guage O scale with narrow gauge O sharing space with two rail O scale. There will be an interchange in the new town of Munoz.


Of great surprise to me is how much I miss running the hi rail O scale steam monsters. The huffing, puffing, and chuffing, combined with the smoke and light show has been absent in our basement for six months. I miss it much more than I thought I would.

Therefore, I am actually contemplating incorporating a lower level featuring three rail hi rail. I feel manic, therefore I am. Ok, to the design boards.

Well, it saddens me that he's passed quite young, really.

I always enjoyed viewing/reading about his model railroading creations. The guy had talent. More so than I will ever possess.

He was quite relaxed in front of a camera, and I suspect some of his actual personality came through because of it. When viewing a video he was in, I always found his relaxed approach along with his slight "Texas drawl" dialect added to the entertaining value of them.


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