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I was driving through Spokane in mid May.  I got a glance of two engines coupled back to back doing some switching in a rail yard that was located just east of the city.  I was surprised to see both of them still painted in BN green.  I think they might have been SD40s or 45s but I didn't get a good look as I passed by.  Does anyone know about these engines?

Here are some photos that I took in Whitefish, MT a day later.

NH Joe




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I grew up near the GN then BN tracks just a few houses from us. Recall as a kid seeing from our yard and riding my bike along beside the tracks with the GN colors from Orange and green to Big Sky Blue then the BN years transitioning through a rainbow of mixed colors to the eventual BN Green.

While I have a larger O Gauge Layout in the main basement with several roads.  I  recently completed 2 and half loops of an oval around my exercise / storage room with several tracks in the yards underneath the main loops of track. This is 2 rail scale track for running my longer trains and cars. One of my favorites is my BN all green train. I had some engines in 2 rail and several freight cars I had picked up and converted a few more from 3 to 2 rail.   My old Atlas F units were getting a bit worn gears splitting and I had BN SD 24 on the main layout I had picked up recently an MTH with Proto 3 with the 3-2 rail capability. Converted it to 2 rail and took out the drive gears in the old Atlas F units and added a bit of weight. The MTH engine now very easily pulls the 2 dummy engines and 18 freight cars making a nice long green train. Love watching it run around the room while I chug away on my exercise bike and weights one of my favorite train sets to run. Here are some photos of the train! LOVING BN Green! 



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@Randy T posted:
Originally Posted by falconservice:

BN AMERICA 48' intermodal container in the OMAHA scheme can be produced by MTH. They need the BNAZ chassis for the BNAU containers.

BNAU OMAHA container


I believe Atlas make these trailers some years ago.  Some where in my train closet I have them.   VBG

These are 48' containers. They did not have the same city schemes or names as the Trailers.

The BN AMERICA Containers were NOT duplicates of the BN AMERICA Trailers.

LIONEL could put all of the remaining BN AMERICA schemes on their intermodal containers.


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