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I've got a pile of these station sound cars now and have finally got one I believe could  be a dud.   I can not get this thing to respond to a command or take a program.   when you give it power you get one sound, a clunk of some sort that acknowledges you've given it power and that's it.  the sound is one single note almost like a bell hit.  I've tired it through my legacy office loop setup and my work bench with tmcc as well and cant get any additional life out of this thing.  Any Ideas?  I really don't want another repair as I have 3 currently I cant get Lionel to take to fix.  So a 4th really isn't what I'm looking for.  I have several of these cars and I'm ok swapping out parts to try.  Just wanted to see if anyone else had problems or thoughts with these.   Thanks all.

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Can you hear any rolling sounds (similar to the freightsounds boxcars), but not the more advanced StationSounds you have to access through the Legacy Cab2?

Try setting the id and switch the PGM/RUN switch to RUN while on the track with the power on (i.e. don't cycle power between programming and running).  You might be able to hear the StationSounds till you cycle power.

Check out this thread on my issue with my N&W StationSounds diner.  


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