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I was hoping to do a lot more of the 64' woodside passenger cars, but the tooling for those is in negotiation for sale, so no more of them thru MTH unless talks fall thru.


If the tooling is purchased by a new company, would you still be able to run custom 64' woodside cars?
They would go great with your current BR&W RS-1 offering.
BRRR coach



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Thanks for the pic.   If i ever have a chance to special run these cars again, Ill do BRW.  Otherwise, I might do some of the Atlas 60' coaches in BRW.  AFAIK, they have closed vestibule steel cars too.

Yes, they have several closed vestibule steel cars too.

If/when you decide to make some BR&W cars, I think the following will be useful.

To my knowledge, there are four Heavyweights currently in service:
#297 - Combine car (ex-CNJ)
#322 - Bar car, named "John L. Bishop" (ex-CNJ)
#605 - Coach car (ex-DL&W)
#1009 -  Coach car (ex-CNJ)

Former Woodside cars:
#101 - Coach with single baggage door at the center
#102 - Coach with single baggage door at the center
#103 -  Coach
#104 -  Coach

Heavyweights not in service:
#302 - Boonton style Coach (ex-DL&W)
#303 - Boonton style Coach  (ex-DL&W)
#304 - Boonton style Coach  (ex-DL&W)
#305 - Boonton style Coach  (ex-DL&W)
#311 - Open-air car (no roof) , named "Black River" (used with woodside cars)
#420 - Baggage car (ex-CNJ)
#491 - Coach car (ex-CNJ)
#494 - Coach car, labeled "Belvidere & Delaware River" not "Black River & Western" (ex-CNJ)
#700 - Parlor car, named "Enterprise" (ex-PRR)


One of the best sets MTH produced was the 64 ft. Woodsided passenger cars. I repainted a couple into the Rutland. Would love to see them offered as separate sale cars the way Atlas markets their Trainman line. As Mel posted. Undecorated would work for me. Except I’d prefer a lighter Olive Green.


Beth, what I could really go for is a Rutland RS 1. The Rutlands 1 and only diesel mainline diesel engine. Every catalog I would hope one would be offered. You could offer a few different schemes. As built and the later Green Mountain excursion version. I’m sure there’s a number of NE rails fans that have taken a trip behind this engine. I know Atlas made them years ago. I prefer the maintenance simplicity of the MTH version. With many milk car enthusiasts. What a cool looking train you could model. A Rutland RS 1 at the head end and a 64 ft. Combine at the rear.


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Chris Gans (Nicholas Smith Trains) did special runs of strasburg RR in the old Yellow scheme, and  in light green...which IDK if its actually a real scheme they used.    I think most ppl want the strasburg cars in the current brown scheme.


Actually, the green ones done for Nicholas Smith (5-car set) were spectacular. Even more so after I had the great Jack Pearce relight them. I will post some pictures in the next few days and let all of you be the judges.


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