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6C3662B9-594F-48A3-8BB8-4C9C36437ABFE134BADC-A6C8-42CD-9614-E2FA8A11E31BMy recent eBay purchases arrived this last week or so.  Cool item #1 is a Norscot Caterpillar slide shift backhoe.  It came with extra attachments.  I thought it would look better on the MOW train gondola with ties.


Cool item #2 is an MTH EMD BL2 in the Rock Island livery which I figured could go with the Iowa Interstate engines the I have.   I have always liked the BL2.  The PS3 sounds are good, love the horn.

Cool item #3 is an MTH Santa Fe crane to go with in my BNSF work train.





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Timpix posted:



Went to our library sale - one of the nation's largest...- and found this HO IMG_1791wMonogram 'Metal Master' chromed Chess Special Hudson Snap-Tite kit.  Couldn't resist.  Looks complete, now what do I do?

Naturally, you figure out how you can assemble it onto an existing HO motor; or go through life wishing you had..😐

Odenville Bill posted:

I needed to kill an hour waiting on a prescription refill so I went to a near by flea market.  Score one for the home team - I found a very clean Lionel VW transformer with box and instructions for $40.00.  Yes, it woks great.  Now I want a whistle tender.

Remove 4 screws on top & check rollers do roll, look at windings where rollers ride for any nasty wear/sawing, and check the breaker cuts out properly by shorting with a heavy metal connection (trans. on a power strip with off/on & breaker just in case... bigger transformers can weld metal to terminals a little with a direct short )

$40 is a great deal. "A KWs power in the ZW package."

Vincent Massi posted:
Craignor posted:

More power!



Craig, my dad had one of those magnificent units with his 1953 set of Lionel trains. Lionel still makes them.

New ones with modern features are available, but the post war Lionel ZW I posted can be found “used” on EBay, and at train shows and Meets. Over the last year or so, I have noticed that ZW prices have quickly dropped to the lowest levels I have ever I jumped in and bought one.


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Several years ago, I purchased an Alco GE Ingersoll-Rand Box Cab diesel (Oil-electric as they called them). I always wanted another one with the plan of painting it to updated CNW or Ingersoll-Rand. I don't have data as to whether there was a demonstrator in that paint or if it was commemorative (it's in a museum/I don't know if it runs). Anyway, fast forward to last year's catalog and they offered them again, so rather than acquire/repaint I bought new ones to add to the collection.

 2019-05-04 13.20.222019-05-04 13.19.192019-05-04 12.24.362019-05-04 12.22.52


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Burlington Northern PS-1 with freightsounds boxcar off ebay. Have one other of these (PRR) and did pre-order the Polar Express version coming out later this year. I really like what these add to our layout while the trains are running. I also like the PS-1 boxcar and find myself slowly moving toward more scale items. Somewhat limited by a lot of O-36 curves on our layout, but even there we're in the process of a redesign to allow some runs with wider curves using O-60 and O-72. IMG_0731 [1)


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Dennis Holler posted:


Now that's an interesting photo. Jelke's Good Luck margarine produced cookbooks, a TV commercial starring Eleanor Roosevelt, airplane trading cards, patriotic posters during WW2, and a pile of information on the healthiness of margarine.

Alas, I can find no boxcars of this fine product. But the one you have is definitely a nice addition to any train lay-out.

Apples55 posted:
RSJB18 posted:

Three Lionel cars. Three different sizes

All nice though and I like em!

2019-05-11 07.48.072019-05-11 07.49.25

Nice haul, Bob, especially the D&H hopper... but do I detect a sinister plot here??? Give up the expansion space to your son, them overwhelm him with a gazillion boxes till he runs screaming from the room???

The thought crossed my mind more than once Paul but as long as he can see the screen he wouldn't care. When he's gaming nothing distracts him.

Now....building a freight spur over his head......

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