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That's a good looking piece of wall art..congratulations.


I needed some parts to complete a small O-Gauge passenger car. I called a dear friend in Florida to see if he had any. He had just the part. He said that he would mail the half dozen parts to me. I didn't think about it any longer. The parts arrived in a priority mailer. Inside the USPS mailer was a like new Parts Envelope from Madison Hardware that had my parts..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

I picked up some items at the Hamburg, PA show last Sunday:


6464-525 M&StL Boxcar and 6802 LL flat with girders to complete a 1958 Super O GP9 set for the dealer I repair for.  He has the other cars, the GP in OB and the set box.


A chrome Marx two light tower.  I'm trying to replace the black towers on my layout with the harder to find chrome ones.  I've got 6 or 7 now.


Many parts.  The two shops I service for continue to keep me very busy.

Nothing since that Stone Mill kit I hunted for a few years.  I have it  built and am building it a log flume ...only about 3/5th of one of two towers needed built cutting and notching bamboo stakes.Not an exciting job, and I am a slacker, but am even thinking about building a cabin and log shafthouse from this stuff...hope I forget about that.  Uh, wasn't that Drake (first) Oil Well in Pa. built with logs? (never mind)

Originally Posted by Matt Makens:

I found this on that one site the day before my birfday. Ive been looking for this for a year and a half. The frame is a Micheal's off the shelf. Looks nice


Guys!!! That is not just some poster that you can get at Michaels. That is a signed and numbered Angela Trotta Thomas print circa 2001. She only made 750. Only the frame came from Michaels. I have a copy too. I met Angela at the TCA convention in 2002 and bought that one and two others.


I recently scored a goodie from Trainz on the bay. I finally found a K-line 21" Milwaukee Road skytop obs to complete my set which will be pulled by 261, for excursion specials on my layout. It should be here later this week.

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