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@Jim O'C posted:

Doll et Cie was eventually taken over by Fleischman but their Production was nowhere near the same quality.

Only a bit of the Doll tools was sold to Fleischmann, the tools for the steam engines and a few of the train tools. The tools for the great goods cars was sold to Distler. Cars like banana, beer, fisch and other was made by Distler till around 1950.


Got some more Ives in the mail, including a few I haven't taken pictures of. The Gondola and caboose are not new, I have had them for a few months.

First, we have a 3242 from 1922 in dark green with huge 187 and 189 cars. They almost look too big compared to the engine, but this is a real set. It was sold by Ives as 'Set no. 702'. There's even a three-car version with a 188 parlor called 'Set no. 703'. It does run, but I might send it off to be repaired.


Next, is an Ives 3255R in olive. I do not have the matching 130 Buffet and (129) 132 Saratoga observation cars for it. This engine was part of a set called 'The Green Mountain Express', or 'Set no. 508'.


Not shown is a Set 701/701R 'New Yorker' or 'Gray Ghost', a repainted 3255R, and my American Flyer 'All-American' I picked up from the Little Choo Choo Shop in Spencer, NC.


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Here are a few of my Tinplate pick-ups from last week which I haven’t had a chance to post:

the modified doll car and a Bing 2nd class passenger car in great condition


End of the Bing car83CDD2E3-08BD-4727-8080-9BDE28D672EA

My journey to collecting 4 wheel Bing NYC  cars continues- got the steel sided express baggage(left)on eBay which arrived last week. The wood-sided is on the right DC5A9922-F075-43E9-9D26-C2DF7BA74982

some of my other steel sides NYC Bing cars90B09944-B43E-4BFC-AF6E-3C307D0E78DE

Bing 2nd class Passenger car up front, Wood-sided litho And Steel-litho NYC 4 wheel passengers in the back


Prewar AF 3/16 on O gauge Shell tank car- Body in great shape butDidn’t come with any trucks so I bought a Marx 3/16 Niacet tank car from a junk pile, removed the trucks and added a plastic auto tilt w/ slot coupler and the normal tab and slot coupler. 95E8B740-9EB4-45CB-9B56-765428D3EED4

Have 2 more AF 3/16 on the way, including an extra truck with link coupler. I plan on replacing one of the trucks on the shell car with the extra link coupler truck in order to have a nice transition car

Last, but certainly not least, what are slowly becoming my favorite types of figures- 30mm Comet Metal Products, Authenticast, Swedish African Engineer soldiers by Holger Erikson. Comet/Authenticast being the maker of AF’s Postwar lead figures.

first batch is  of lesser quality, appear to be German soldiers


These figures are definitely SAE Sculpted by HE. All in great condition, the soldier with the blue uniform being the real steal. In the back is a modern Lionel figure for height comparison purposes0869BFB4-68BB-4ADB-853D-5891FE80E6A1

A squad of 5 HE figures in a 1/50 scale corgi truck. These figures came with pegs on the bottom, indicating they were made to sit in a certain vehicle, unfortunately I had to remove them for functionality. The figure with the white helmet is a Corgi s scale soldier



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  • 90B09944-B43E-4BFC-AF6E-3C307D0E78DE
  • 95E8B740-9EB4-45CB-9B56-765428D3EED4
  • 5430F08E-1C77-4ECB-A0E0-DFE6B77B81E7
  • 1DA12E65-8281-47D6-8810-BD9CBA0A9D1E
  • 0869BFB4-68BB-4ADB-853D-5891FE80E6A1
  • 547940AA-359B-4694-8562-DD5E1CB6497D

Bought this Hafner shell with the eyebrow headlight years ago. It had already been repainted. Many months ago I found a correct motor with the rear reverse lever, then promptly lost it. Doing some sorting this week I found the shell in the shed and the motor in the garage. They are now paired together as I intended.


Steve, I am glad to know I am not the only one who does that!!  Can't tell you how many times I have picked up pieces to complete something only to not remember where the rest was hidden!!!

Cool little loco too!

Thanks guys, yeah the 607 and 608 are pretty good as is. I actually have another 607 in same condition with box to go with so full set of three cars.  I may even have a clear Green roof for the observation somewhere. I do either need a Green 253E or I could put them with a Black 262E or 259E.  I think the later Gunmetal 249E or 259E would have come with cars with Green belly pans instead of tanks.  Not sure when they switched from the early boxes to the Orange and Blue ones though either lol  If I get lucky, I may be able to just clean up the set of the three 600/601/602 as well who knows lol.  The fun of the journey!

While I wait for some of those other projects to show up, I pulled out a couple of old Blue Comet cars that I got a while back.  They were in really great shape having been wrapped up in the same news paper since 1964.  After cleaning and polishing the bright work and offering a light cleaning and waxing to the shells, these will look great.  Just need to find another 2614 observation in the same condition lol



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Made a tool shed for the tinplate layout:

From the "cutouts" section of an early-1950s issue of Toy Trains magazine. Changed it up slightly, and added a couple of signs made in Excel. Paper, some matt-board, a hobby knife, scissors, a matchstick, and a small piece of can do a lot with a few bits.


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I just tripped over this KBN 4-4-0 O gauge clockwork on a BIN for cheap and I have been wanting one of these American outline loco's for a while.  Will have to make a head light box and find a tender lol.  Can't wait for it to get here and see how well it will clean up.kbn440kbn440rtkbnbottomkbnrear

Here is a link back to page 11 of this thread and John Smatlak's  loco for reference of what a nice one should look like.  John, if you see this, I would love to see an underside picture of your loco so I can see the lead truck and how it mounts.  Also, would like to know the diameter of your lead wheels!  Thanks in advance!


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I just tripped over this KBN 4-4-0 O gauge clockwork on a BIN for cheap and I have been wanting one of these American outline loco's for a while.  Will have to make a head light box and find a tender lol.  Can't wait for it to get here and see how well it will clean up.

Really nice one Dennis, it seems you are finding some good pieces, buyers mode or the magic of Christmas maybe....

Very best, Daniel

Steve, that Santa Fe set is pretty rare if I’m not mistaken, I’m fairly certain not too many were made.  I saw a set for sale on eBay recently, might this be the same set? At any rate, congratulations on the new set, it’s a stunner.  Maybe you can post a video of it running some time, it would be great to see it in action.

John, there were only 10 sets made. Yes it was from eBay. He lowered the price some, then made it a “or best offer”. We went back and forth a few times and I finally went for it. More than I paid for my other 3 sets in the series, but nice to have it.


Steve, which other three sets do you have, if you don’t mind me asking?  I used to have the 400E in B&O livery with the matching passenger set, it was gorgeous, I regret selling it.  Maybe I’ll come across another one some day.

As x Army, I have the Army Hospital train. Both my dad and stepdad were Navy so I have the Navy Hospital train. My wife is from Chicago so I have the CNW set. I live within earshot of the BNSF main so the Santa Fe set is a good fit.


As x Army, I have the Army Hospital train. Both my dad and stepdad were Navy so I have the Navy Hospital train. My wife is from Chicago so I have the CNW set. I live within earshot of the BNSF main so the Santa Fe set is a good fit.


Steve that anyone could gather more than two of these for themselves is amazing to me.   

That two tone stripe on the running board of the SF set is a super impressive detail !

@Steve “Papa” Eastman- awesome Santa Fe tin- love it! @Dennis Holler I wanted to comment last week I like the lime green 607 and 608 the most, they definitely are exemplars of the Prewar era bright paint/lithography! Regardless, all very nice. I happen to have a similar KBN(came w/o clockwork motor) that I recently disassembled in hopes of fitting in a different motor but didn’t work out.


Hope your efforts go better than mine! Yours is clearly in much better shape!

@Jon Edwards you described them perfectly- thoseare absolute beauts!


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Wanted to post these early but was busy w/ the layout and making some modifications to some of the new pieces below. Nothing like some of the preceding posts but things I’ve wanted for awhile

lets start off with the odd-balls:

From pop’s collection. battery operated made in Japan Rock Island Line 3 piece set. Was surprised this little guy fit on o gauge track


Not sure if I showed this ever- Karl Bub s Gauge trolley(streetcar) from eBay.  Wind-up mechanism works. it’s on AF track and works more than decently well on that track(likely because it’s a single unit and clock-work). Also, the figure in front is an early AF minitoy/Comet/Authenticast by Holger Erikson figure- got it at Joe’s train station in Hatboro yesterday. Fits well with o and s182B7751-25E5-4A88-8CC6-7DCDFC808289

both of the aboveC6498E1D-EC60-457F-818B-9E3D6A981BC8

Moving on- from left to the right:

Marx  red Pullman passenger set. Have wanted this since I rejoined the hobby!(2+years!) Got it at Joe’s train station for a deal and all 3 cars in nice shape

Lionel-Ives transition?/winner? Erie 1514 Box car. On the bottom of the frame, the part that holds the coupler in place on wind-up roling stock had broken off,  I made my own with thick styrene. One end has a Marx type tab/slot coupler, the other a Lionel latch


Adding to my Flyer 3/16 o gauge, came in the mail today, 486 hopper and 476 Gondola(came w/ Box- will add pic later) Also new- the link coupler on the Shell tanker which has a Marx t/s on the other side. The White containers are also new


Closeup/non flash of the 2 newbiesECD90309-08F6-4E1B-BB17-16B674303FBE

all the new tin!A76D5C44-7256-49F6-8F47-26BE5705332A

THIs weekend coming up I’m really hoping to get some nice tin at Renninger’s flash train meet


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  • A6AC6F42-E09D-4B05-A591-36FF6F8E6307
  • 733AECB1-2D65-4792-B0A9-04A72EF40371
  • 182B7751-25E5-4A88-8CC6-7DCDFC808289
  • C6498E1D-EC60-457F-818B-9E3D6A981BC8
  • EC6F4510-15A1-41FB-B3A7-255545EDA676
  • ECD90309-08F6-4E1B-BB17-16B674303FBE
  • A76D5C44-7256-49F6-8F47-26BE5705332A

I finally found a McCoy car that I have been looking for since I began collecting McCoy Trains. It is the 1980 Christmas car that was given away by the McCoys to just close friends and associates during that holiday season. If you search long enough and hard enough, eventually you can find what you are looking for in this great hobby! Stay safe and healthy everyone!IMG_20201106_093340072


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