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Well this just arrived today in the post...Its a Hornby Type 20 locomotive & tender and 3 type 20 "wagons" as they say in the UK but we would call them cars.  This entire train was first produced in 1954 when Hornby rolled out its first set of trains reflecting British Rail nationalization and the new liveries applied.  Although this actually happened in 1948, they were quite some time in reflecting the change in their 0 gauge train line.  The low price line of Hornby had been called "M 0" trains but when they changed the livery in 1954 they changed the designation to "Type 20" and it remained so until the end of Hornby gauge 0 production in the late 60's.

Here is the little Type 20 (clockwork) loco and her train of type 20 "wagons"

Hornby Type 20 train

Shown below in close up is the:  Type 20 Crane Truck, the Type 20 Side Tipping Wagon, and the Type 20 Open Wagon, in British Rail regional color (grey).  Crane does swivel (manually) and lift (hand crank) and side tipping wagon does dump (manually).

Hornby Type 20 wagons side

Here is the Type 20 loco, in British Rail livery with the "Lion and Wheel" tender.

Hornby Type 20 loco full side view

She is designed to run on 1 ft radius curves so I expect she will do fine on my 0-27 (24 inch diameter).  She does have a brake control in the cab and one that can be activated by a track trip although I don't have a brake track.

Well that's my newest acquisition.  Best wishes



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  • Hornby Type 20 train
  • Hornby Type 20 wagons side
  • Hornby Type 20 loco full side view

It is an American Flyer 4006 Wide Gauge hopper car.  Somebody listed it on ebay for a bargain buy-it-now price, so I bought it.  I don't have a lot of Flyer Wide Gauge, but it is in nice condition and the price was low.

Thanks. It's very nice indeed. 🙂

Question: in Standard Gauge, are any of the different brands compatible, coupler-wise? 🤔

Mark in (wet today) Oregon

A brace of Lionel 2620s acquired at York:

1938-39 version in the foreground (Type I "ridged" box-couplers, aluminum-painted floodlight) and the 1940 version (Type II "simulated knuckle-and-lift-pin" box couplers, light gray painted floodlight) behind.

Despite all of the gnashing of teeth, the show was could it not be?


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I was bored this week so I pulled a couple of old standard gauge switches out of the junk track box and redid them. One 222 and a 210. I left most of the patina on the rails as it looks better than shiny silver. When I finally get to build a permanent layout these will go on it.

Pete these turned out fantastic!! They will certainly look great on your future layout. How easily was the disassembly of the rail from the base and the ability to reuse the insulators? Again….great job.  

I just started looking at New Marx Trains and discovered some really nice new tinplate trains. While the vast majority of my collection, including the Marx subset, is all vintage I decided that these are just too nice to ignore.  Here are the first pieces of my new Marx.

I thought they would look great with the Marx William Crooks.

Now I just need to find another one so that I can have a passenger and a freight train.

Northwoods Flyer


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Dunno how "cool" this is; picked up a pair of Standard Gauge gondolas, #12 Rock Island Lines and #112 Lake Shore. Both are numbered "65784". Both need trucks (can't be that hard to find, right?) 🤔 🙂

The 12 is in kinda rough shape, paint-wise; black with a dark green along the bottom edge. Has the number stamped on the bottom with "Made in USA. The Lionel Corporation".

The 112 looks to be almost new; grey with an olive green lower edge. Simply stamped "112" on the bottom.

Different types of brake wheels; both are 11 1/8" in length.

And so it begins...😳😊

Mark in Oregon

I finally completed the set.  Sometime back I purchased the prototype TCA C&NW stock car from the Flynn's.  A year or so ago I purchased a regular production version of the C&NW car which has black ends and embossed sides as opposed to sides that were punched out.  These two were joined recently with the production version of the TCA convention car.

Set of Threered


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  • Set of Threered

I've been planning a Bing layout for a long time. Only material from the last 5 years should be used for this, i.e. only from the area 1928-32.

This also includes all the plain buildings. A lot is already there, but some has been on the search list for a long time.

The rare company office has been on the list for a long time, but it's almost impossible to find.


Now there was a ruin to be found on Ebay, just the bare building.


So everything had to be rebuilt.

Pyramid shaped roof


Chimney pipe folded


Canopy made of self-made corrugated iron


For this purpose, press jaws were manufactured for a combination machine


Base itself deep pressed


A tool suitable for a workshop press was built for this purpose


Supports for the canopy


Chimney head soldered in three parts


Tinplate work finished, only paint is missing.




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  • bing10-6199-06
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  • bing10-6199-14
  • bing10-6199-19
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  • bing10-6199-kat
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