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jhz563 posted:

I finally got my first set of tinplate passenger cars!  

A big thank you to the gang at Side Track Hobbies! Definitely worth a side trip for any tinplate enthusiast.  Here’s my brand new 700’s. Now I just need to look for appropriate power. Hmmmm...FA50D814-DB2B-4B37-8516-57C3E0A3032033F60251-2969-436D-A9DD-247C0C5D17FD7EA5625C-1CDC-4D30-8602-69F161F12AEC

Sidetrack ie really great.  I remember the 384e Christmas I bought from them. When I unpacked it there 4 extra straight pieces of track slid into the box. I received a 400E 3 years ago that had paint loss, they replaced it. Therefore, they are Always my 1st choice! Beautiful set. A red 256 in your future?

Joe Gozzo 


    I received some Pre-War AF Tin today also.  A real nice Red Lighted Caboose and a old Aqua and Orange Box Car.  Both in pretty darn good shape, I actually got them to couple with my Lionel Tin and  everything ran just great.  The Box car is one heavy piece of Tin for an O Gauge Car.


Funny thing about these particular AF Cars, they have no ident numbers on them any place.








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