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Starting a 10' x12' Fastrack layout to be run with a CAB1L/ Base 1L  with a Power Master, for my PW convention engines.  My switches are all the new version Comand Control switches with the program button to program direct to the CAB 1L.  I'm looking to control accessories also with the CAB1L .  In this situation, it looks like I can control up to 8 accessories with a Lionel ASC, and daisey chain more if needed, but the ASC appears to be a old TMCC product that may no longer be available. Since I'm not looking to control swithes, is this the way to go if I can get them?   Is LCS-ASC2 the new version of the ASC, and should I go with that instead?

Thanks in advance for all you help, it's very much appreciated.  - Tony

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My choice for accessories is the Lionel 22980 SC2 Switch Controller.  It can be programmed for six accessories and is readily available on the used market for less than $100.  I see a bunch of them on eBay, and they pretty regularly come along in the OGR for-sale forum as well.

You can also use the Lionel 81639 LCS-ASC2 with your BASE1L, you will need the LCS DB-9 Cable/power supply.  One advantage of the SC2 is it picks up the over-the-air TMCC signal so you don't need any wiring to it for serial data.

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John, I started looking into the SC-2, it sure is cheeper than an LCS ASC-2, but one thing confused me, In the accessory wiring diagrams, startting on P28 of the SC-2 manual, the center post for the accessory is sometimes 'U' - common, and sometimes 'A' hot, depending on the accesory. I'm not getting why, I thought the center post should always be 'common'.

Also, some questions. The SC-2 is rated for 9v-20v @ constant power. If I wire the SC-2 from an accessory power source on my PW ZW at 14v, can I use the same power source for accessories?    If so, what happens when the scematic show the 'A'  from the transformer wired to the center accessory post?    Also, the manual doesn't cover multiple SC-2's daisey chained together; is this done from the two post the ZW is attached to for the first SC-2?   Wil the SC-2 play nice with my CAB1L Legacy system?

Sorry for all the questions. Your a welth of knowledge and I appreciate your help. Thanks

The SC2 configured for accessories has two available operating modes, toggle and momentary.  The toggle function turn on or off with a command, in other words it "toggles".  The momentary function is just that, it turns on as long as you hold the control, when you release it, it turns off.  Each operating mode is useful, depending on the specific accessory.  For building lights, for instance, you'd use the toggle mode.  For something like a whistle shack, you'd use the momentary mode.

As far as the wiring, the SC2 outputs are simply a single SPDT (Form-C) set of relay contacts.  It really doesn't matter what is wired where, they're simply switching power.  The only exception is the first channel crazy ground connection, see below for how I fix that for all my SC2 boxes.

The power to the SC2 can indeed be used in parallel for accessories, it's totally independent from the relay contacts.

The SC2 works with any TMCC/Legacy system, it's just another TMCC device.  I've used them with the old CAB1/BASE1, the new CAB1L/BASE1L, and I currently use them with my Legacy command system.

The SC2 isn't really daisy chained, they all stand alone.  I use three of them for my turntable, two channels to control rotation, and sixteen channels to individually control each whisker track power.  The address configuration for these is sequential, the first one is address 1 thru 6, the second is address 7 thru 12, etc.  Other than connecting my accessory power to all of them in parallel, there is no other interconnect.  My lighting and any accessories soon to come will have their own unique SC2 boxes and their accessory addresses will be unique from the TT.

One mod I do to all my SC2 boxes, I cut the connection from common ground that goes to the first relay position.  This was an ill-advised "feature" by Lionel to power the SC2 from the O22 or similar switches, but it limits the usefulness of the first relay position.  This is a simple mod, one trace cut as noted in the picture, and all is well.


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Hey John,

Reading your reply here, I don't know if I may be in error as I am using one of my SC-2s.  I have some of the SC-2s programed for accessories and on those I have set the toggles, one say Acc6 momentary for an accessory and the Acc6 on/off to power sidings on which I have locomotives parked. I have not had a problem with this yet but is there any potential for a problem?

Thanks for your input,


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