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Ok so first off I know this has been beaten to death on other threads but my base is fine. It works with all but 1 Cab-2. I’ve changed batteries and put the batteries into another cab and it’ll charge but not in my original Cab-2. I’ve also tried this with a number of bases so I’m pretty sure it’s in the Cab-2 I was hoping someone had some insight on the inside of it. As most of the charging circuit is in the 991 or 994 base their can’t be much in the cab-2. What it does is immediately when I put it in the red lights blink simultaneously. Was hoping if someone thought it might just be a loose wire or something simple I could replace. 

thanks in advance for any information 

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I got a CAB2 charging issue but mine won't even show any red lights when I put it in the 994 charger base.  I have 2 other Cab2s that are just fine.  I even interchanged the rechargable batteries and it doesn't make a difference.  This particular Cab2 was being used with Akaline batteries for a long while with a piece of electrical tape over the charging contacts just in case I was stupid enough to put it in the cradle.  Tape is off, cleaned the contacts, but nothing in the way of charging.  I put charged up batteries in the problem CAB2 (rechargeables or Akaline) and it works fine.  Just a charging issue.  Any ideas?

Also, I know this has also been discussed but...

Leaving CAB2 in the 994 charger that is plugged in continually.  Bad thing to do?  or not problem at all?  Thx.

I never posted the conclusion of my efforts. In my case I am certain that the thermistor is the culprit in my case it’s just slightly different resistance than my other CAB-2’s. I believe it is a 10k thermistor, the thermistor is shoved Under the bottom metal contact of the middle battery. I had it all apart and played around with it and compared it to my other CAB-2’s. After witch it worked and it has started doing the same old thing again. Anyway in your case with no lights or anything and as long as other CABS work in the base I’d venture to guess there’s a loose wire inside the remote

I have not seen any problem with leaving the CAB2 on the base with 2 green lights.  My base powers up with the rest of the layout so sometimes it might left for an hour or two while I work on other things.  I have noticed that the CAB2 will be warm if charging but cool if the lights are green.  This tells me that the charging circuit is working properly.

I turned off my base charger the the day I got it and couldn't be happier .

Leaving it on 24-7 seems like a bad idea. Especially in this day of "questionable" Lionel support.

Some good rechargable batteries from Energizer ,and an external charger ,and away you go. Save the remote and base to run the trains.

It's only an extra 10 seconds out of my life to r&r the batteries.

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My thoughts exactly on the 993.  My healthy CAB2 is cold after leaving in the cradle overnight and lights are green.  I guess the key thing is a working charging circuit such that the lights turn green.  Thanks for weighing in as I'm concerned about being lazy and leaving the 993/CAB2 for 1 to 2 weeks.

Also, would rather not mess with pulling the rechargeable batteries out to charge them.  That's what the 993 base is for after all.


@RickO posted:

The 993 is a good option for someone who owns/ wants/ needs a second Legacy handheld.

Otherwise, its a very expensive solution to a problem that can be remedied for far less than $300, and a "bit" of manual labor.

Agreed but the 993 is sexier than a wall charger AND serves a purpose.  Model Railroading ain't cheap but this would be a place where one COULD economize.  My questions were around any danger of regularly using the 993 and the effect on the life of a CAB2.  I'm trying to get away from the wall charger and having to remove the batteries.

As others have stated I see no issue use it the 994 base as a charger as that’s the only electronics in it. It works very well and as long as the green lights are in solid the charging circuit is off. That being said I wouldn’t leave it plugged in all the time. I can confirm that the 991 base has a heat sink right under the remote. It is part of the base electronics and will get warm no matter if a CAB-2 is charging or not

@zhubl posted:

I can confirm that the 991 base has a heat sink right under the remote. It is part of the base electronics and will get warm no matter if a CAB-2 is charging or not

Correct, so anytime the CAB2 is sitting in the base, it's getting significantly warmed up by the base electronics.  That's my major squawk with charging with the #990.  It's not good to run those batteries at elevated temperatures, that's not doing them any good.

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