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Been wondering the same thing! Base-3s will start shipping out this month, with July or August arrival (or so Dave said in his latest livestream). He also said that the app would be available in June. The Base-3 System Utility will be online at the beginning of July.

@Reading RR posted:

Any one know if the Cab3 delay is Lionel fixing problems or the just slow uploading from the app distributers.

It's June 4th.  The Base3 isn't even available yet.  Other than operating a Bluetooth engine, without the Base3 the app won't do anything as we've been told it will not work with the existing WiFi and Legacy Base.       

The Base3 is due 8/12/2024 according to the Lionel store which has been pretty accurate.  I'm not sure what you see as an issue with the App not being released.  We'd all like to take an early look at it but it makes zero sense to me to release it this far ahead of the Base3 actually being here.

@Reading RR posted:

Just asking a question.  Dave mentioned last video that he was shooting to have it released 1 June.  He also said that there were a few minor fixes to the app that might hold it up, or the app stores can sometimes be slow.  He wants it out in our hands so we can have a look at it, and I think that is a good thing.

I get it.  I'm looking forward to seeing it as well.   If there are a few things to work out I'd rather they hold on to it.  The reality is that none of us know what the status is other than what Dave tells us.

Just got the following from the Google app store.  I must have missed it when I searched.  See below.

What's new

Initial release of Lionel’s Cab3 APP!
This release includes the following:
• Bluetooth tab functionality. Control your Lionel Bluetooth-equipped locomotives directly!

Coming soon:
• Base3 tab – this will be included in the next APP update
• Voice Streaming and Recording (VSR) in the Bluetooth tab

See for more details!
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