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One of my controllers has a bad switch under the reverse wheel...the wheel you push straight down to put the engine into reverse. Seems like I remember that mentioned on the forum. My switch is actually not making contact inside, There is a good click and sound of a click, but no reverse. Shorting the switch contacts on the circuit board does cause reverse. So it's the switch. Anybody ever replace this uncommon switch?

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Different problem (completely dead), but I sent my Legacy 990 in about year ago and it only took a month to get it back.  However... after I called they gave me an RA #, but said they were backed up several weeks in service. Told me they would email a shipping label with instructions when it was time to send it in. That took about a month and a half.  Thought they had forgotten me, but finally got an email to go ahead and send it in, just like they said.  A month later it was back and fixed.

Don’t hold your breath while they are accepting warranty repairs without the first wait I have a Cab-1L that arrived for its second trip on July 20th. Haven’t seen anything come back yet for it and I sent in a new big boy for cooking it’s own smoke unit and it arrived in Concord on August 13th. I’m not surprised just probably dont expect a month turn around

I have had nothing but GOOD SERVICE regarding the LEGACY 990.  I called "Talk to US" and they answered on the first RING. Told "HEATHER" the problem I was having with my Base Unit !! She was Courteous, Polite and listened to my story.  Received an RA and a prepaid FedX label by E-mail within the Hour.  Sent it in the next day and received it back in less than 2 Weeks!  NOW, that is what service is all about!!  KUDOS to the Lionel Service Department !!



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