I just received my PRR caboose and the picture is sharp.

Lionel must have fixed the problem.

All the features seem to work.

I am using an Apple iPhone.

How do I record to the iPhone's memory? I press the record button and it shows I am recording.

So, to what does it record?

Also, so far I have only used it at night with artificial lighting. The colors are not accurate. Is there a way to correct the color or add a filter?

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Hopefully this will help.  Once you are finished recording, click on the word “Record” at the bottom of the home screen (the screen that lists your cameras).  There you will see the video you recorded.  You can play them there.  If you want to save them to your photos, click and hold on the video until a menu pops up.  Choose “Share”.  Then you can choose to “Save Video” or make other choices.

Good luck,

Marti & Hubert

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