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No easy answers on that one that I know of.

1. Make your own (there are videos on working with brass on You Tube )

2. cannibalize another brass caboose

3. cast one via lost plastic


You might also consider copying the parts from an Ambroid or QC kit - metal castings that you could make an RTV mold of and then cast as many sets of parts as needed. Think that the Train Craft kits might also serve similarly.

At one time Bob Lavezzi had some brass cupolas, but I suspect he may have sold those off.

Thanks Joe and Pete. It’s going to take some planning. I found a picture of the interior of the C&O car. It’s in the B&O Museum.  It looks as if the cupola was used to provide light over the test equipment.


Brother Love might be an option. He is down the road from me in Mississippi I believe.

I’m still amazed that one of the major manufacturers hasn’t produced a dynamometer car by now.

Thanks again


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