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Are there any Club Layouts in southern California that are aimed at Lionel LEGACY / Operating Accessories? I'd like to join one, but I am not really looking for hi-rail, as I want to run my Culvert an TTUX/Husky Stack trains. This area seems ripe for one as the apartments are so tiny you can't possibly have your own permanent layout!

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Hi Timmy,  The San Diego 3-Railers is also hi-rail.  It does have operating accessories that can be run by people pushing a button located on the side of the layout.  It is well worth a visit to San Diego.


Here is the website:


I live in the SF Bay Area and I don't know of any layouts in your area that have accessories.  I think your best bet to find a club or a private layout in your area would be to contact someone in your local TCA group.  Perhaps the staff at The Train Shack in Burbank could give you some leads.


Best wishes,  Joe

I would suggest coming by the TTOS Southern Pacific Division.


Here is the website link:


The dates and times are there along with we will be there this coming Sunday 3/25/2012 setting up the All Aboard Fastrackers modules. Several of us run Legacy and lots of accessories on this and other layouts. Check us out and come on by!


Yes, a shameless plug but I live farther away and I do run a small layout that is toy train style with Legacy and operating accessories and this would be closer. Hope to see you there

Hi Timmy,


I am out in Simi Valley, not too far from you.  I was in Pasadena today but did not have time to visit the Whistle Stop, Train Shack or Roundhouse on the way home.  I think O gauge is pretty scarce except for what is created in our homes.  Clubs here are hard, I think cause the time commitment.  Work and family and then throw in year round sports for the kids and I don't have much time left except late at night.


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Not in the I.E. anywhere. Our closest options are San Diego or San Pedro....I know, that's not close, because I'm in Moreno Valley and that's our only choices. That's why my dad and I are bulding a 26x17 layout at his house. Though it's not club size, it's very local  

your not far from me! im in big bear like i mentioned, i did find this on orange county (way closer than those two)

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