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I love Lionel Trains and The Lionel Train Company. It just occurred to me that Lionel could capture the train market by reintroducing OO gauge trains instead of HO. All that they have to do is produce post war Lionel and American Flyer sets made little boys happy years ago.  Digital kit form would bring parents to the product to get their sons away from non developmental video games

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Big John Henry, You're not crazy by any means,nor are you alone in your thinking either!  I've wondered this myself.

If OO was already established before WWII, why was HO developed in the first place?  NUTS!

I believe OO is 1:76 which makes the gauge of 16.5mm about 4' 1" in the prototype.  HO faithfully represents standard gauge at 4' 8.5" to within 4 thousandths of an inch.

Prewar American OO (1/76 scale)  was established to accommodate the larger AC electric motors needed at the time.  After the "big one", technology had progressed and model makers had perfected the DC small motor that would fit into the HO (1/87 scale) units and OO went the way of the Dodo bird.  Lionel (and everyone else for that matter) seems to struggle in selling S scale, I cannot imagine the cost of remanufacturing OO and the VERY limited market it would hold.  Lionel only manufactured one locomotive and four freight cars in OO. Competitors like Scale Craft, Nason, Schorr, et all had a wider variety but they were all kaput by the mid '50s and their offerings would be considered very crude by today's standards unless one wanted to spend undue hours super detailing them.  I have a few collector pieces in OO and in a perfect world would LOVE to see it reintroduced but we have O gauge manufacturers leaving in droves, I cannot imagine a "new" scale coming into the mix.  In my years of playing with toy trains we have lost Marx, Atlas Tool Company (Rivarossi), Williams (Jerry's company, not WBB), Frank's Roundhouse, Crown Model Products, AMT,  Weaver and now Mike's not to mention Lionel changing hands at least 4x.  I am sure I left someone out of the mix, I apologize in advance for that.

Since no one else has asked (maybe I'm just clueless ? ), what does "Digital Kit Form" imply?  Some sort of connection to apps/devices, even though the general intent is to get them away from that and onto something with physical reality?

Also, I suspect the premise that a lot of parents care about getting their kids away from the phone stuff may unfortunately be flawed for a large percentage.  Obviously all parents are different, and hopefully some would be of the mindset you suggest. Unfortunately though, I think a lot today look at the phone as a more high tech version of the old TV being the babysitter to keep the kids out of their hair.


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Lionel (and everyone else for that matter) seems to struggle in selling S scale, I cannot imagine the cost of remanufacturing OO and the VERY limited market it would hold.

You hit the nail on the head, Mike.

Plus, market conditions being what they are, introducing (or reintroducing) a "new" scale is unlikely to increase any grand interest, particularly as OO is only moderately larger than HO.


Brendan: Right you are!  I was just wondering if OO would stand a chance today.  Much like TT, almost forgotten.

TT is fairly active in Europe.  Roco, Tillig, Piko and Arnold to name a few are producing European TT.


As a long time N-scaler, I have to wonder why TT-scale didn't take hold and flourish here in America.  Had it done so, I would have undoubtedly been into it big time.  At 1/120 scale, it is almost exactly half way between N-scale and HO scale.  It would be an excellent compromise to allow both small and large prototype model trains in a compact space.

OO scale is far too close to HO scale to be viable for a manufacturer to pick it up today.  Not sure why OO scale didn't take off, I saw some at the toy train museum in Strassburg several years ago while on vacation, and thought it was pretty neat.

If S-scale was more abundant and widely available, I might almost seriously consider it instead of O-gauge.  But at this point in my life, I guess I will stick with O-gauge.  Still not as great a variety in motive power and rolling stock as I'd like to see, but I guess I can live with what's out there.  Barely.

Well, that's MY givens and druthers, yours may vary (insert emoji of 'booger-picking guy with finger up nose' here).

I to would love to see OO return, but sadly that ship sank when WWII happened.  Lionel was, back then, trying to do what they did with Standard gauge and create their own market along side a few other companies.  Double O came about for Lionel in a couple ways, one, J.L Cowen felt threatened by Scale Craft and their dominance in the smaller than O scale market.  Combined with needing the space to fit a robust motor.  Small electric motors with the torque to run trains was in its infancy at that time, hence lots of HO models from the Reading Railroad with their huge Wooten fireboxes to hide the bigger motors available at that time.  The Lionel sets were a jewel, especially the full scale NYC Hudson (001 and 003). Had WWII not happened or been delayed a few more years, OO might have grown a bit more, Lionel might have expanded to a second locomotive, more cars(especially passenger cars) and more track options.  Dick Kuhn even wanted to bring it back during the LTI era, but was brought back to reality by the board that the market was not there to support production of them.  The vintage stuff is out there, takes some looking to find it though.  Here is my 1938 version of the 001 and 001w aka the mini 700e.  I have the rest of the set along with the correct 1938 track.  I plan to recreate the dealer demo layout and take it to shows once they return.  BTW, the static models of the NYC F3's from Hallmark are OO and can be powered with self contained power trucks from NWSL.  I am doing this as I type this.  AD



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