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AS I pulled everything off the table, I'm wanting to rethink and edit what to keep on my layout table. As seen in these pics, there is very little on the table right now. So its (almost) kind of a blank slate to work with again. And its not a big table- 5'8" wide x 8'10" long so two loops is about all I can do for track on table level. In this house, this size table is all I git!

I do have a number of peeps, mostly Barclay, a few lights, a few telephone poles, 3 or 4 autos, and a couple of street lights. But buildings/structures-wise, what would fit and what be nice to add? The two track lines are very close, so I cannot add a Hellcat Bridge without going UP- which would be nice and I do have the height available to add more interest. I'd like to stick with the tinplate repros if possible.

Decided the two 50s litho dollhouses are just too large, so they are being pulled off the layout. 

All suggestions welcome!







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Carey TeaRose posted:
DOC posted:

I am different I like to fill it up with as much as i can get on the board. I want to ad a Lealand Monorail next.20170802_13250520170802_13293420170802_13210420170714_08401220170802_132804

Doc, I sooo love your layout!!!

Doc, I look at yours and start pointing to things... which reminds me of Betty Hutton looking at ladies gowns in the film, "The Stork Club", where she points and the says, I 'll take this one, and that one, and this one... and Barry Fitzgerald says "...why don't you just take them all?". And Betty says in reply , ...okay, I'll take them all."


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