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  The last, that I know of, brick structure of of the former  Camden/Interstate/Ohio Valley Electric Railway Co.,trolley barn was leveled in Ashland,Ky.


 The building which dates back to the early 1900's and was up till a week ago still in use by a car/truck rental company was what I thought to be in good condition.The building still had the two tracks and pits inside,and most of the original layout was still intact.


 The C.I.OVER Co. has much history in this Tris-state area of Ohio,Ky and WV. There were two trolley amusement parks on both ends of the lines.One "Clyffside Park" was located in Ashland,Ky ,and over near Huntington,WV "Camden Park" which still operates to this day.


 There was a larger trolley barn located close to Huntington that was the major hub of service for the C.I.OVT Co. .It was razed a few year ago and a Sheets Gas station was built there.


 A restaurant is going in the location of Ashland's former trolley barn.


 At one time the line was going to become an interurban line connecting Charleston,WV with Cincinnati,Ohio via Portsmouth,Ohio.There is a one remaining small bridge of the trolley company from Portsmouth to Ironton,Ohio located beside the NS line in Haverhill,Ohio.


 All of the C.I.OVER Co. bridges to my knowledge have been removed.


 I did manage to retrieve with permission, three bricks from the Ashland,Ky building.

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