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I think you will have to do a little bit more than just remove the motors.  I find that the gear sets in the trucks take considerable force to spin from the tracks.  The motors turn the gears easily, but the wheels have a hard time doing the same.  So, you could pull a gear to release the gear set or buy a non-powered truck ($22 each) from Lionel.  You would need to transfer over the sideframes and pickups for power.

The unit should receive commands and create sounds and smoke.  I would also pull the molex connector on the DCDS board so it is not trying to power motors that aren't there.

I am curious as to why you are making this non-powered.  Does it no longer move under its own power?   


@Rich Melvin posted:

Your loco is a GP35, not a GP-35. There are no dashes in basic EMD model numbers. The “Dash 2” series used dashes, as in SD40-2, but the basic model number never had dashes in it.

Actually, while the EMD prototype is GP35, according to Lionel's box, @rdg_fan's model is "GP-35."
Screenshot 2024-02-24 at 8.04.22 PM

Unfortunately, Lionel is inconsistent. On its website and in the catalog, their titles match the EMD prototype.
Screenshot 2024-02-24 at 8.21.54 PM


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@rdg_fan posted:

Steims: Thank you! That is exactly the input I was looking for.

Matt: Thank you! Maybe I should be more serious about my railroad terminology but I just copied what was on box. I don't think my error affects the way the engine operates.

Correct……rivet counters are everywhere….lol. If you are not ever going to put the engine again under power than remove the motors and the center gear on the side of the trucks this will release the wheels to roll free.

I just realized that I didn't answer the question why I would want to do this. The answer is I like to run diesels back to back but I can't keep them from falling out of synchronization. I built my small 8 x 10 layout quite awhile ago and it included a lift bridge, bascule bridge and 4 separate loops with some block sidings. I run TMCC and MTH engines with TPCs in conventional mode. At the time I knew nothing of ground planes. Also I used MTH Realtrax, which has changes in connectivity based on time of year, temperature and humidity. I once tested the elevated loop, and it was receiving TMCC signal even though it was not attached to the command base. I just don't have the time and resources to rebuild the layout, but if I can purchase a unit cheap I can make it into a sound dummy. Atlas o made dummies with pick-ups that I assume was for this reason. I think that is what the super bass units in the latest Lionel catalog are.

So that's the rest of the story. Thanks everyone.

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