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The loco is obviously parts only so you would not get much interest in these cars as a set. The 1661E Ives transition set used longer/shorter 1680 series consists and included a box, track and a transformer. I would piece out the Lionel 800 series cars individually and sell the Ives loco and tender as parts/projects.

1661E set


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The Loco and Tender are Lionel-Ives (made/issued 1933, as transition pieces) and is 1661E loco 1661T tender.  They were later replaced and renumbered as Lionel 1681E and 1661T but Lionel Lines on tender.  The freight cars are 800 series cars, and don't belong with the loco/tender.  Not a high value on anything individually, but together, with what is there, about $100 more or less.  

The Outfit posted by Jim O'C is either the 1051E or 1052E, made in 1933 ONLY.

Thanks, ya'll! I blew up the auction pic and decided (as Jim said) that there was probably too much work to do on the engine - at least from my perspective. No copper or brass seems to remain, handrail's broken, couldn't see any lower contacts, etc. And since that's not an original set as you guys pointed out, there's not much meat left on those old bones.

And besides, ...... it's not a Blue Comet!!!

Thanks everyone, you helped me make an informed decision.


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