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OGR members from Southern California may know this right away, but I’m asking all comers.

This southwestern motif station building (most likely in California because that’s where the Rockford Files TV show was filmed) was featured on episode of the series (Season 1, Episode 7, 10/11/74) and had typical temporary TV signs saying “Elmira” on both sides of the building disguising the actual location.  Rockford took the fictional Amtrak #705 train Eastbound from Elmira overnight to another fictional town of Ash Brook. See the pictures I took below of the television screen including the train board that still had the actual Amtrak timetable information on it with Train #4 (Southwest Limited) to Kansas City, Chicago and New York scheduled to leave at 8:00 am.


Any present day photos of the station would be nice.  Hopefully it is still standing, whether as a operating train station or repurposed to a library, bank, office, etc.


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