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My modest layout is almost exclusively Lionel.  Power is supplied by a ZW-C.  I do have three, just three MTH locomotives that I really like and would like to run without, necessarily, using a full TIU setup, at least for now.  I'm wondering if I could somehow set up the Wifi DCS explorer in passive mode so that it would function with the ZW power?  I do have a TIU but I'm not yet at the point (read: layout is going to be redone) where I'm ready to use it.

Thanks for any suggestions on  how to use my Wifi DCS Explorer.

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The DCS Remote Commander can be set up to run your MTH engines in passive mode. I have one set up on my layout for the same reason. You don't get full functionality of your engines and can only run one at a time but it's better than nothing.

The remote is IR line of sight to the RC so it needs to be located appropriately. I added a switch to disconnect the signal from the layout when not in use.

MTH 50-1033 DCS Remote Commander Set – Trainz

2021-07-09 14.40.102021-07-09 14.40.15

I have a Cab 1L running the rest of the layout.


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