rick s posted:

Can I run 1982 illuminated passenger cars with a modern command control engine at 18 v . . .

. . . or will I burn out the incandescent bulbs?

. . . or will those bulbs be too bright?

 My minimalist answer would be, and I have done this when needed, is to wire the existing bulbs in series with a very easy/minor & reversible wiring change inside the car. If you want to go one step further, you can place a small DPDT switch on the interior floor(or installed so it can be flipped from outside the car) to choose series or parallel as needed.


They do glow bright for a little while at 18 volts Though they are a bit expensive to swap a fleet, LED's will be the way to go if you want dim lighting.  Remember to check any plastic bodied car for warmth when running at high voltage. I've seen many a ruined caboose. 

gunrunnerjohn posted:

Easier is put a diode in series with the track feed, drops the voltage to the proper level.

Much nicer is, of course, an LED upgrade.

 Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit

I thought John would get in here.  I purchased his conversion kit at York and have not looked back.  If you want to do this only once, the conversion is a great solution.

Also, goodbye flicker. 


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