I have an older PS2 Steam Engine, 20-3038-1.  It has the 5v board.

I want to experiment with sound files with the newer PS2 3v Tender from a Railking engine 30-4014E-1 from set 30-4104-1.

Both tenders have the same 10 pin tether.  Can I just temporarily swap tenders safely while I experiment?

It's my understanding that the sound sets are better for the newer 3V PS3 engines.  Is that true?



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I would strongly recommend against it... you might have disastrous results.

Never assume that the 10 pins on every PS2 tender are electrically identical.

Also, some of the PS2 5v engines actually had the board in the engine and not the tender, this was never done on the 3v PS2 engines & tenders.

for others who look at this post down the road....

It has been my experience (limited as it is) that MTH has changed wiring at different times on models. I would always recommend doing wire tracing even on similar models and their tenders.  Even on newer PS3 diesel models I have worked on, the wiring is different on different releases. This is a problem when installing sound sets and the lighting functions are changed. It is obvious for safety that swapping tenders is a big no no.

 I have swapped out tenders several times. Each and every time, I have traced the wiring. I have replacement tethers that have thicker yellow and white wires designed for the motor connection. Yet I have had to swap out the wiring to utilize these wires in their properly designed place.

There is one, and I mean ONE time this will work. If you do a PS3 upgrade on multiple steam locomotives they will have the same wiring. You can swap tenders back and forth, without issue  IN THAT CASE ONLY.

PS-2 5V to 3 are always a no no even if wired the same.  Different battery voltage, different speaker.   The other issue is that many RK 5V had board in engine only battery and speaker in tender.  PS-2 3V RK board is almost always in the tender along with everything else.

Then you have Mux versus non mux.

MTH wiring convention is actually pretty consistent on 10 pins.  Especially for 3V engines, and now PS-3.

Now plug a tender tether in upside down and you immediately destroy the 3V board because AC track voltage put onto the DC circuit of the 3V board in the tender.   G

you should install the PS3/2 board with the 5volt connectors.  easy swap.  plug and play and then you have PS3 without redoing all the wiring.  did a diesel on my RS-3.  litterly remove the board and battery.  install and connect the harness to new board.  you can get them off any authorized MTH repair person.  

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