Can local repair Lionel repair centers replace boards


Does anyone know if the local repair shops (Hennings, in this case) can repair (change sound board) in flyer chief or does it have to go back to the factory.

I am getting conflicting data and my Polar Berk needs repair

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The 6-49632 Polar Express FlyerChief has a single board that does all the sound and control.  It's currently listed as "unavailable" on the Lionel site.  Since this is a 2016 Catalog item, I'd think it's probably still under warranty, send it back to Lionel.

Like I said, it's an "all in one" board, so you'd be replacing the whole board with all the sound and motor control.  I haven't seen a lot of these yet, so I don't know if the boards are generally available to be honest.  I know that Marty Fitzhenry sees quite a few, and he's talked about replacing boards, so obviously some of them are available.

Francine posted:

Hi John,

Understood, but my question is, if it is the board and only the sound is gone and Lionel can't supply new boards, can some other sound board be added? For clarification, use the motive board and add something for sound?

It's an ALL or NOTHING situation here, the sound interface is integrated into that single board.  Since this is an LC locomotive, you have to have the receiver able to control the sound.  There is no solution other than a complete board replacement if the board is indeed bad.

We're getting the cart before the horse, it's likely it's a problem with the tether and/or speaker, and possibly wiring inside the locomotive.


If you have the receipt, call Lionel or send them an email at as on the high end items they will work with you, been there called them and they repaired items FOC, I paid shipping.



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Replacing boards is easy.   Replacing components on the boards is hard.  

My local shop told me a few years ago that he was very frustrated trying to repair lionel stuff.   He said each run seems to have different boards and components, and the kicker, Lionel never seemed to have replacements for older ones.   I think this might be true of other mfg but he was a Lionel repair shop.    He said he could find the problems, but could not get the parts because they told him they no longer stocked them.

Hi Harry,

Already going to do it Saturday.  I checked the connection between the engine and tender.  Tried to raise the volume, but it make no sound - doesn't even been, like it used to when turn on, but hand held off.

I went bad at York, I took it home and it worked.  Ran it Saturday at a club event - no sound, took it home no sound.  I suspect something might be loose or maybe unsoldered?


Ok Folks, now for resolution:  Harry tested the engine on his layout and the sound worked intermittently.  He took the tender in the back, came back and placed it back on the track.  Worked perfectly.  The answer:  DIRTY WHEELS. 

I forgot to check that.  In HO that was the most frequent problem.  In O it is rarely a problem, but because S is 2 rain, like HO - it pays to check the wheels frequently.

Thanks to Harry and all the folks at Hennings!

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