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I've come across a MTH RK 30-2230-1 RDC Bud car set with PS2, issued in 2001.   The manual says the PSA sounds can be triggered when running conventionally.

Having read about the PS2 5V issues, I'm a bit nervous about purchasing in this set as it's life could be short lived.

I may hold off until I can find a MTH RK 30-20304-1 RDC Bud car set with PS3 but I haven't found a manual for it to see if it can play the PSA sounds when running conventionally.  

I run mostly TMCC and don't have DCS so if the PSA sounds of a PS3 loco require DCS to be triggered, I'll wait until I can afford both the RDC Set and DCS system.



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@Ward H - The one caveat I'd add to Vernon's comments is that if you are operating with more modern equipment (eg. CAB1-L or CAB2, Command Bases, PowerMasters etc.) like I do, these Lionel components send out a different 'wave' than MTH components which complicates things for guys like me when trying to get the MTH freight or passenger announcements to work.  For more info on this do a 'wave' or 'Sine Wave' Search on this Forum.

The bottom line for me is while I acknowledge that Lionel's newer systems are supposed to trigger the PSA/FA sounds (as per a sequence of steps laid out in the Owner's Manuals for my CAB1-L, BASE1-L and Legacy PowerMaster), my experience has been that I have tried doing this several times and have found it to be a p--n in the a--s with no success.  

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