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BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front)- you can just load a different sound file (.mth)- however it might work fine or you might have some problems. It does not "break" the engine, you can revert back to original. You might have to use ADPCM to either custom edit your original sound file or edit the new source file to match things from your original file. You hopefully won't but might also have to get into the chain files- last resort and more complicated subject.

Sure, there is no difference in boards PS3 between Railking and Premier. So yes a sound file can be loaded onto any PS3 engine by the user using Consumer Loader and a TIU connected to a PC.

Now, the problem- sound files are NOT just sounds. They contain some settings, some features, some details of the engine. A Railking may not have all the lighting features of a similar Premier engine and also in steam engines- the mechanical difference in motors, wheel diameter, and other details could lead to a situation where chuff rate, engine driver diameter, gearing all come into play. This could throw scale MPH off.

Again, there are a couple of basic interactions that happen:

#1 the boards are not different specifically RK VS Premier so it is not a matter of the board not being able to take the (.mth)  sound file. Technically, there are board differences over time MTH produced EMI compliant boards and there is a major difference between steam and diesel boards but we are assuming the intent is using a matching diesel to diesel and steam to steam for the purposes of the topic.

#2 Boards do have firmware known as chain files that is what determines some of the functionality and ideally sound sets are combined with matching chain files as a complete system. However, you should NOT change your chain files to a different set unless you 100% know that the chain files are compatible with your hardware and wiring configuration. Again, in general PS3 board is a PS3 board, however, there is a harness that plugs into that board and that can and does vary slightly with different engines. Example- on a GEVO or ES44 with charging lights, they are using a daughter card and some of the lighting outputs repurposed to create the chasing charging lights. This is an example of a very specific chain file set and matching sounds files to enable that function (hint, they repurposed outputs for ditch lights). Warning- chain files are firmware and this is where you can go wrong, there are newer EMI compliant boards that require specific chain files and so forth. In general avoid changing chain files unless you absolutely know all those technical details and rules associated with exact board hardware and chain file versions.

#3 Most diesels have similar wheel size and gearing so a non issue on most diesels as far as speed programming, but for steam, there is usually a significant size difference in wheels as well as gearing changes.

So, the fix is, use a program like ADPCM thanks to Mark DiVecchio

Here is another related topic

Again, sometimes, you can just load the Premier sound file on say a Ralkng Diesel and everything works as intended.

However, on a Railking steam engine, loading a Premier sound file may cause problems with scale speed, chuff rate, and possibly some other details like lighting functions, and expected functions like adding quilling whistle may not work as you hoped.

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It's not that hard. Load the sound file. It works or it doesn't. And doesn't work isn't that bad. by doesn't work, I mean say some lighting feature is off or does not work as intended. Maybe the speed is off.

If it doesn't, then you need to go down the harder path.

You asked a hugely generic question even if that was not your intent.

"Can Premier sound sets be loaded into RK engines?"

If you really want specific help- specifically list the engine numbers you are thinking about changing sound files between.

30-xxxx-1 and example 20-xxxx-1

Just want to change the whistle on 30-1601-1, N&W 0-8-0. All the RK PS3 0-8-0s have the same unpleasant hooter whistle. None of the Premier PS3 0-8-0s have the sound sample MP3 on the MTH website.

And that is another reason why to grab Mark's excellent software to analyze and play a file there is not an MP3 for.

But there is some conflict here, maybe a typo? I'm just trying to get you the correct specific information. 0-8-0 being smaller switchers tend to have the smaller high pitched whistle. To me, the Premier and the Railking N&W 0-8-0 sound files are very similar and the big difference is Premier has quilling. is a UP FEF 4-8-4 Railking PS3 is a N&W 0-8-0 in Railking PS3

So I grabbed a Premier 0-8-0 N&W PS3

You can either just listen to the entire file on the computer, or you can export a specific location like #3 the quilling whistle sequence. Or the entire file by choosing a right click menu in the clip# location

Another key factor in the Premier file

Railking file version 30-1608-1

So, in this case, I would think you could easily flash that Premier file (p171_f_usra080_all170530bf4x.mth) and see what happens?


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