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I now have two identical mth models with the same road number.  I recently added the newest loco to the DCS remote and it was assigned a separate number from the original "identical" model.  I haven't put both on the track together yet but will they be able to be controlled independently and even lashed up?  Is the DCS electronics unique to every locomotive regardless ?


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@Richie C. posted:

When you attempt to add an engine with the same ID# as an engine already in the remote, the DCS system will automatically assign the new engine the next lowest ID# not already assigned to another engine; so you should have no problem running them either independently, at the same time or in a consist.

What Richie said.... DCS only knows the engine by its id#

Yes, as long as they have different addresses. You can even lash them up, but you have remember which is which during the setup. I ended up with three ATSF GP35's with the same road number (I quickly changed two of them using Microscale decals). They all had different addresses in the remote and I edited the engine names later.

One issue that might come up is if the engine(s) were tested and have the same address. That happened to me on a recent purchase. The solution there is to edit the address of the first one, then add the second one.

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