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My Lionel Hudson (1990) JI-E #5340 is acting strangely. I wonder if you can help diagnose the problem?

Here are the symptoms:

Upon starting from neutral to forward it will run maybe half of a lap and then stall. If I push or pull on it, it sometimes will run again then stop. Doesn't matter whether the direction is forward or backward.

After some cajoling, it will finally find itself and take off running around the 0-84 loop with out stopping and/or slowing down. It is then good for the rest of the operating session.

I have run other trains on the same track and they are fine. It is NOT a transformer/track issue.

I use Z-1000's and Fastrack.

I have removed it from service until I can figure out what is going on.

What do you think?

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What specific Hudson? What control? Conventional, Command?

First place i'd look are the wheels and center rollers. Are they clean? Are the pick up assembly retaining screws tight?

Second place I'd look is the commutator and brushes behind the brush plate. Ensure everything there is clean and fresh. Also look at the e-unit plug wire (if applicable) and the brush plate to ensure good clean connectivity.

Let’s look at the clues, and then make a more accurate diagnosis,…..when it stalls, do you lose headlight?…everything that makes this Hudson run is inside the locomotive…….try to make the locomotive stall again, and observe what’s going on, ….loss of power could be dirty wheels, dirty pick up rollers, one or the other pick up roller open. As mentioned above by the masters, these locomotives are notorious for grease becoming like concrete, and pick up roller screws coming loose,….


31AB25F3-C63A-415A-A383-9E9913D3A8F6CF92A9EC-B1CA-4C14-B121-E361E2F86E9A6577D35A-B7BB-4FDD-97C0-36832678DC80A2CDE086-4A09-41D8-9D96-1FE138BF3AC93DEDB311-B2A9-4908-A72D-0CB17A82E4DDB22F0B81-F3BC-430D-A933-FA8C04AB61C59B580821-E501-4EE1-A6DE-508DD7CFA7EBI know this beautiful Lionel Hudson, I recommend you getting with Pat, Harmonyards, and get a Pittman motor, a Gunrunnerjohn Smoke system, add Lionel’s ERR system, get the 4 chuffs per revolution system, a detailed deck plate and above all else, new engineers. It’s a knock out beautiful steamer, worthy of all I’ve suggested. Harmonyards, The Harmon Shops, took my K-Line Hudson snd made it my most favorite Steamer, If I ever run across one of these steamers, I’m calling The Harmon Shops…. Happy Railroading Everyone


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  • 31AB25F3-C63A-415A-A383-9E9913D3A8F6
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