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title says it all. Picked it up at a local market today. The lettering appears rubber stamped so that’s an obvious red flag, but a lot of other things seem to be alright. Found quite a few markings on the inside:

4 columns of rivers. Light, smoke stack, “bell”, sand dome? 

82343C91-5DB4-40FB-AACE-B844CBF36254Inner marking near right wheel well: 176978A62D32-C11B-4894-A5C2-A1BF95DFE459

inner marking towards back before the Cab: below is a 4 and above us aZ171275EE-CEB8-47FA-ADED-27555AC59986

left wheel well innermatk: 17684BD556C1-B825-4D0D-9808-0AB64551FE58

sorry this was taken backwards. Back inner marking opposite “Z 4”. There’s a 3 or S on the bottom and I believe a 7 or P above.5FAA8A90-71CB-430C-AF5C-22F6282CE5893477883B-6D4A-498F-BB0C-DFCE4E64E375

any guess is better than no guess! I appreciate any help!!


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  • 82343C91-5DB4-40FB-AACE-B844CBF36254
  • 78A62D32-C11B-4894-A5C2-A1BF95DFE459
  • 171275EE-CEB8-47FA-ADED-27555AC59986
  • 4BD556C1-B825-4D0D-9808-0AB64551FE58
  • 5FAA8A90-71CB-430C-AF5C-22F6282CE589
  • 3477883B-6D4A-498F-BB0C-DFCE4E64E375
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Those BING die cast locos have been produced in different variations and are not explicitly marked BING. They where produced after the first world war in a time  where German products where not very well considered I think and made for the US market. They where made in both clockwork and electric models. i just have one clockwork which seems similar to yours. Maybe you could try to find an electric motor and you will have a very nice loco.




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@Robert S. Butler and @FRENCHTRAINS thank you both, very much, for your help! I questioned it mainly due to the lack of raised lettering but also due to not being able to find, initially, a shell like that which had four, separate and spaced strips of rivets without any other detail- such as the gold bands in your photos, between the rivets.

As luck would have it, I did come across another similarly sized Tin German Locomotive with tender and the Loco has an electric motor! While not in working order, I’ve never seen a motor like it(although one of my repair guys has). Will post pictures when I get back home.

Thank you, both, again, for your help ! 

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