26291239-67D3-4CBB-B3A9-BF44DDD2576D312C2CE9-517A-46B6-A30B-CDC062328506FE1315DF-BDB6-4C8D-A803-41A16BB63593A1CC5FBE-41D9-403D-A927-E7F2E53F94D2F767A81C-D3EE-459B-983F-C8389D7B03A4C7D7C7A3-2DF3-49D1-8D3C-9ECF05F22B7FC8145376-9D90-4526-9B87-A5AF08540BCF6D1AF1C1-3BA7-4184-99F3-907EFB64AF1EB1C8CB22-58BF-4922-AA39-6B70F08235333DDCDE02-8FB6-4339-88F3-865042C4E61AE91B59DF-28DB-4A93-B389-610BBE0321D4E442031C-1DD0-46E3-9E2F-7379CD85BE4BD443FF1A-B429-4A0D-91B2-4F24D9AC9524 Here are some pictures I had taken at the CN Sarcee yards (Calgary)where locomotive 6060 had just been donated to the people of Alberta by the CNR in honour of 75 years of becoming a Province.

  The locomotive ran a few fan trips out of Calgary to the east during this time.

   I had an opportunity to get up in the cab late at night after playing in a band at a local watering hole located close by lol





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Quite handsome locomotive and quite a "loud talker", exhaust-wise!   "Bullet-nosed Bettys" looked good even with the bullet cowl removed, as they appeared in their last days in the late '50's working in the vicinity of Winnipeg.

   These photos were taken in 1979.

6060 has been under the care of the Rocky Mountain Railroad Society for many years and is based out of Stettler Alberta.

   I don’t have a link to the group but should be easy to google to find out more.

  Another locomotive #41, a ten wheeler is also usually operational to pull tourist trains along the former CN line between Stettler and Big Valley where they have an excellent feast of roast beef, potatoes and veggies for all the passengers

  Of course they have Train Robbers hold up the train for charity donations as well lol


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