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My young friend Tom Elesh, Jr. sent me the picture of the whole proposed roster that our foamer posted at the short video!  That was the first I heard of this.  I think it is great CN is jumping into the Heritage Unit game.  I'm partial to the third from the top on the left hand column, since the B&LE runs just over the hill from my house.  We still see engines with B&LE colors here, but sometimes other CN roads show up.

@juniata guy posted:

Oddly enough; after seeing a photo of the GT heritage unit on TO the other day; I was watching the Waupaca, WI railcam a bit later and an honest to god GT unit, still in original paint, went by as the trailing unit in a two unit consist pulling a westbound manifest.

I am happy to see JJ pulling the trigger on a CN heritage fleet though!


I think there's still a number of IC "Death Star" units running around also...  Shoulda done Orange & White with the split rail. (Opinion)


Well, IP is bankrupt and/or out of business.  So who does own the diamond?

Just because they're bankrupt, doesn't mean the holding company has to surrender or sell the rights.  At least not yet.  As there has been no interest in IP's assets so far, who knows what will happen to the trademarks.

As we've seen with other railroad artifacts, the owner could hold on until the last possible moment.


Forget the hyper-active railfoamer, he's probably had to change his underwear several times.

Skip directly to 0:39 to 1:04 for GT, BCR and IC images so far...


Great to hear about this.  Thankfully, Mr. Foamer only wasted about 2 minutes of our lives.  I loved how he adjusted the camera and went even farther out of frame.

And don't get in his way when he's on that 20-minute trip to the nearest CN tracks.

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Those 6 are all that they had produced.

The trains seem to be clustered in the mornings now. It is a chilly winter. I am not going to wait for an approaching CN train to see if the  GTW unit is approaching until the spring.

For HO scale ATHEARN plans to make the CN and GTW SD70M-2 units first.

It is good that Lionel team is not able to get them in production immediately. I a few older locomotives that I have to get first in O scale.


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