The last 2 Atlas products that I have ordered from well known dealers have never materialized. One order for an ATSF RSD7/15 in pin stripe was a long time ago. I have completely given up on it. Recently, another dealer sent me an email stating my Frisco caboose in bicentennial paint has been cancelled.   

I do not want to start a rant.  I do want to know if anybody made similar orders and actually received them.


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I have the zebra ATSF RSD7 on order, and, according to Beth at Public Delivery Track, Atlas O says it's still on the production list.  However, I did receive a notice that the Atlas O zebra ATSF SW9 and VO-1000 did not make the cut.

Don't lose faith . . . yet.  



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I ordered a Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Standard Cupola Caboose directly from Atlas and saw it was cancelled on their production schedule page. So I emailed them to be sure and they told me:

Due to a factory closing in China production of the O Master Standard Cupola Caboose has been canceled. Please look for a new announcement of this item in the near future.

My order is officially cancelled and will have to place a new one when it is available again.

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