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Hello all,

I'm brand new to the forum so I'll supply a little background. I'm not an O scale railroader. I had trains as a child and loved them dearly. A Wabash F3 freight set and an American Flyer steam set on a 4x8 in our attic in Cleveland. I built a layout for my son growing up. All MPC era GP's, Uboats, SD's etc. which I still own stored away in my basement office. My brother in law was a serious O gauge railroader in the '60's and 70's. Everything he had is long gone except for two pieces. One is a homemade locomotive which I'm trying to put back together. The other is the subject of this post. It's Lionel, Brass, 2rail, 2-8-2 (Merkado?), Chesapeake & Ohio, has been on a shelf in a box since the mid 70's. The motor is a Lionel Atomic precision motor which looks like a pullmor. My sister has asked me to research it, so here I am. Here are pics if I can attached them correctly.DSCN3632DSCN3633DSCN3634DSCN3635DSCN3636DSCN3638DSCN3639DSCN3640DSCN3641


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It may have a Lionel motor and possibly a 726 or 736 chassis, but one thing it's not is Lionel.  The first Mikado Lionel ever made was by Lionel/MPC when they replaced the Berkshire's four wheel trailing truck with a two wheeled truck in 1983 for the Famous American Railroads series #4: Southern Railway.

Most likely scratchbuilt model by a fairly talented modeler, possibly using Walthers parts.


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Welcome to the OGR Forum, Bob!

This looks like a 2-Rail O scale locomotive, which would use DC power on the rails. It’s not a Lionel product. It has a 2-8-2 wheel arrangement, which means it is a “Mikado” (you were close).

It appears to be a pretty nice model, but I can’t help you with any further details. There are others here who will know more than I do about this model, and they’ll chime in soon.

That all makes sense. I found that it is modeled after an actual engine C&O #1070 from a list of all Mikados that were in the U.S. online. So it is a three rail chassis converted to two rail and built from aftermarket parts. The motor is DC and I haven't tested it yet. I don't have a transformer. I tried a 9 volt dry cell but not a peep. The detail on this locomotive is extraordinary.

I don't think there is much Lionel.    It is not in my opinion a Lionel converted to 2 rail.    Lionel did nothing like that in the Postwar era.     Even if a Lionel Berkshire chassis were used, the wheels would have to replaced, or one side insulated for 2 rail.

I think it could be based on a Hines or Pearce kit Mikado.   The valve gear looks too simple to me, but I am not a valve gear expert.    But the tender looks a lot like the Hines tender I have on a mikado.     The water fill hatch casting looks like it is HInes, or All Nation.    The boiler could be from a kit as mentioned or scratch built.    The detail level looks like 50s-70s era to me.

I am repeating myself.  Tender is most likely a brass import.  Locomotive is definitely not Hines, or any other self-respecting relic of the past - Frame does look like Lionel, and drivers could be Lionel re-machined.  Boiler may say Lionel, and may be pieced together from Lionel castings,  but the cab and firebox scream something else (being kind here).  Unless it is of sentimental value, drop the locomotive in the recycling bin, and sell the tender for $100.

Opinion, of course.

@bob2 posted:

Unless it is of sentimental value, drop the locomotive in the recycling bin, and sell the tender for $100.

Opinion, of course.

Oh, I dunno.  It's not an unattractive model.  If it runs, could be a keeper. (I suspect the Lionel Atomic Motor just laughs at a 9v battery...)  There's nothing wrong with "blasts from the past."  If you decide to sell, might be worth something to someone.



I have a friend with DC transformers so I can test it soon. Any recommendations on what power it will need? I'd like to put my 3 rail together one day but I won't have any 2 rail so all I can do is test it on the bench. I'll check back when that happens. How do I wire it for test. The brush plate has 5 contacts. If it were 3 rail I'd buy it from my sister, otherwise I can't use it. Thanks again for all the replies. I like this site.

Mine was the only critical response, and I was careful not to slam it too hard.  Indeed I have seen models not much better in the B&O museum in Baltimore - rivets poked freehand with an icepick.

And I collect what most would consider junk - sand cast models in aluminum and bronze.

This is not a model I would display proudly.  To each his own, and opinions are worth what you pay for them.

My two cents worth is this: The boiler is die cast, but striped of a lot of detail, the smoke box front is quite crisp in detail, and suggests , die cast, cylinders too. The cab, firebox rivet sheet looks  scratch built, and a few lost wax castings added like front headlight, sand dome, wash out plugs, valves etc. The frame could be Reading T-1? ( Lionel ) but modified. The tender is nice ( not that the rest is not ) it looks, scratch built, or what Bob suggested. The whole thing hangs on how well it runs, some history on its build could add value, but thats the missing part I guess. Ill guess its worth at, $50-$150 If the frame needs replacing, and $200-$250 if its a nice smooth runner already, some will feel thats generous. The market will decide. Or just enjoy it.        cTr.... (Choose the Right )

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Well people, turns out it doesn't run on any transformer I have. It kind of stutters using the HO transformers I have access to.  One has 10VA and one has 23VA total output respectively. I was going to borrow a ZW from a friend but at this point I'm returning it to my sisters shelf.  Could be a reason it's been on the shelf in a shipping box for 45 years. Many thanks for the replies. I have some other projects coming up so I'll be back to the site.

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