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This is a breakup of the Lionel C&O Freight Set, 6-11743. This was originally a complete starter set with track and transformer. There is no track, transformer, Diesel or caboose. Only the original rolling stock, (C&O Piggyback Service TOFC, C&O Stock Car, Operating Post Office Car 6-16679, B&O 1 dome tank car) and additional cars acquired to run with this set, are for sale. The original set cars are MOB, as are most of the other cars, except for the 2 MPC boxcars - they have been used, but are in perfect shape. These 2 boxes also show some minor shelf wear. The entire 11 cars, in the set box, will be $300 plus actual shipping. If the 4 Post Office cars sell before the full set is sold, then the remaining 7 cars will be $200 plus actual shipping. I’m willing to sell the 4 Post Office operating boxcars as set for $100, plus actual shipping. The die cast blue tractor shown in the photo is included. 380CA05B-9444-409B-8C5A-033458A2F9F18AEBECFD-F67A-4CAC-AA31-DC4E5B0B4CF6244C3828-7C4F-407E-A1E5-99888CC02C2346BFF105-6E74-4221-AC27-2A7F96E9FFF8C7AEEF27-D88E-4EAA-BE45-8C584155C80352A7A500-D27F-4A3B-B5F0-3DDFCE66B6574A5B8D71-305E-45FE-9417-18BAB74DE257D4C45ED0-D5E6-469F-83B8-CDA6EDEE9C93366B4875-F8F5-41F8-B2CC-1700168C7BF51EC848C0-D496-413D-B524-AB10A0DDA024DBCBF995-BED6-4DEA-A7E7-D4075DF1E246278D13E7-7601-4ECA-AC5D-12811C647F6DACA938FC-382E-4769-8C46-FD66AC99BCDC554A3AA3-F555-475B-BDA9-F8E653927206


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  • 6D1EFC20-B374-4974-9C35-5EC7EE540D35
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  • 554A3AA3-F555-475B-BDA9-F8E653927206
  • 842FA934-EB19-42AB-AE52-88AEE1FA9218
  • 380CA05B-9444-409B-8C5A-033458A2F9F1
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