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I’m running Lionel/Flyer on two rail Fastrack. I have the following: GW-180 transformer (6-37947), Legacy Cab 1l Base Command Set (6-37147), and Legacy Base 1l (6-37156). I can operate my U-33 in command mode with remote as well as all the switches, but none of my post war Flyer engines. Prior to redoing the layout, I was able to use both modes (and unhooking all the wiring). Now I can’t make heads or tails out of the manuals ( surprisingly I kept them all) as to what wire(s) go where in order to get this all running again. Can anyone show me a “wiring your Command for dummies” diagram? Thanks


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OK, Having the Powermaster connected to your system, set the switch on the Powermaster to conv., Than address the Power master to run the conventional trains on the layout. The remote in conjunction with the Powermaster will control the voltage to the track. I leave my Power masters in conventional all the time and just turn the voltage up to run command.


Thanks all! I appreciate your input, but I don’t think I was very clear with my question. I know about the switches (cmd/con, etc.). What I need to know is which wires run where from each component. That’s where I’m stumped.

Well, you have a group of components together I don't (and I think others might say the same thing) that while you can wire together- should VS can are 2 different things.

the 180 brick can be plugged into either the GW180 controller box


Can be used directly with the Legacy powermaster

As grouped, you may have been going through the GW180 controller, into the powermaster, and then to the track. The problem with that is 2 chopping variable devices interacting together to a sum final output. I would believe at part throttle that makes for some ugly power output.

Again, I'm of the thought of use one or the other, but not both.

The Legacy base is simply 1 wire to the outer rail of the track.

@CAPPilot posted:

I would recommend the PowerHouse 180 and Legacy PowerMaster with your Cab2.  The PH180 has plenty of power for your lashups and has a very quick circuit breaker.  You would need one PH180/LPM combo for each loop of track you want to run conventional.  Below is how I would set up the circuit.

The PSX-AC is an exceptionally fast circuit breaker (with other capabilities) that I use for extra protection even though the PH180's CB is very good by itself. You could also use a fast acting fuse.  I would recommend you add the TVS shown; many on this forum think it is very good protection for your engine electronics.


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Also, not shown in the diagram, there is a specific 3 prong grounded power adapter for the CAB1L base that must be plugged into a properly grounded outlet and power the CAB1L base. Again, the base has it's own power wall adapter. The Legacy powermaster gets it's power from the input jack.

As pointed out in that topic, the powermaster can use a different source than the 180 brick via a cable, but given you have the 180 brick, the best bet is just directly in.

First, I want to thank everyone for their input. Much appreciated, but let me clarify my situation: I’m using Lionel S gauge two rail Fastrack. I’m not familiar with Lionel O gauge three rail (no “outside rail” as shown in the manual(s). That said, here’s what I’ve got: 180w Brick molex to transformer (not sure if that’s what it’s called with the new stuff. Red power handle. Wire from Track terminal and bottom U terminal to track.
Base 1L U connected to Powermaster U. Powermaster lead with fuse to transformer Track and other lead to bottom U.

I can run Legacy in Command with the remote as well operate all the switches from the remote. When switched to Conventional, the original Flyer (1956 Atlantic) only works from the “transformer” handle. There’s no power to the switches since they operate from track power.
I obviously have something connected incorrectly but I’m darned if I can figure it out. Hopefully someone can spot my mistake(s). Thanks


What has me confused is that you seem to be trying to operate with the GW-180 transformer at the same time you are trying to use the Brick/Powermaster. How do you have these two power sources wired together to your track????

I would disconnect the GW-180. Put the Powermaster in Command mode. Power on brick - there will be no power to the track. To run a conventional engine, you use the red Cab1L knob to turn up or down the voltage to the track. For a TMCC/Legacy engine, simply turn the red knob up to get full voltage out of the powermaster, then address the engine, and control as normal.

I think that however you have the GW-180 wired to the Brick/Powermaster combination is killing the Legacy signal return path in the track (TMCC /Legacy signal is transmitted through the air via earth ground in your house wiring, and the return path is via the track)

For running conventional (however you end up doing it between GW-180 or Brick/Powermaster), you should consider powering the switches directly from a transformer (auxillary output of the GW-180 as an option). In the manual for your switches there is a section on how to do this direct powering of the switches instead of depending on track power. This way switches will work if track power is low or off.

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