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Even after modification the FREE 3D model did not print well.

So I had to redesign the canoe. Canoes are really easy to model in Rhino 8.

It takes just 3 curves to define the front and end of the canoe and a middle curve for the transverse cross-section. Then use the Loft command selecting the curves and loft.

This gives you 1/2 of the canoe model; next extrude the inner surface about .04" (>1/32") making the canoe frame thick enough to print. then Mirror the half extrusion into a whole canoe joining both halves in a union.

canoe 3

The construction curves are shown in RED in the upper right picture. I added a flat under the canoe to aid in placing in the lake. I will surround the bottom with my artificial water (Decoupage.)

Final print looks like this.


Paddles are shown as well.

My original canoe model was as I said FREE 3D model. These "free" models are not usually usable as 3D print models. Mostly because they are not designed to be 3D printed.

Which means that the model parts are way too thin to be printed successfully.


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  • canoe 3
  • canoe3

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