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I was just  Edinburg for the British Military Tattoo (which I recommend watching on YouTube on a large screen with the volume turned up some) when I noticed this huge complex cantilever bridge specifically for trains. The locals tell you that over 50 people died during the construction. It is something to behold.



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Gorgeous railroad bridge......

It's a good thing that the bridge is so high above the water.......the British naval base at Rosyth (north side of the bridge) was the home of Admiral Beatty's squadron of battlecrusiers and Queen Elizabeth class superdreadnoughts during WWI....the tripod masts had to clear it.....


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A few years ago l had a meal in a little restaurant that was under the west end of this bridge. As we waited outside for the tour bus, a short train of what looked like ore cars started to slowly trundle across this bridge.  I could not tell what the engine was, as it was out of sight . It took several minutes to cross the bridge to the east. (No caboose, of course)

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