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A message from Carey today.

It can’t make the turn to go up the stairs to the loft room. It’s nailed and glued together, it’s rock solid! Can’t bear the idea of sawing it into pieces, so it goes at the back end of the living room. Also seen and enjoyed when in the sun room. If you would please let the Std Gauge FB that I and my tinplate trains and table safely arrived in Wichita, and hope to get this table at least set up soon- I’d appreciate it. No computer up yet, but have my phone


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*bump* just came across this! Thanks to Papa Eastman, and others. All my train stuff did arrive intact at our new home. The Layout from CA is still holding court in the back end of the Great Room. It’s been almost two years here before the Upstairs Standard Gauge Layout got built- all the Things in their boxes  quietly and patiently waited...

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