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Andrew B. posted:

O Scale trains are around 1:48

I know but would 1/32 be too big?

Yes, way too big. Pretty much the only readily available vehicles available for O Scale modelers are either 1/50 (ever-so-slightly small) and 1/43 (slightly large). 

If you like some of the old Lionel postwar accessories, like the Lionel 128 Newsstand then you won't mind items that are larger than scale. Put the car off by itself away from scale items as to not emphasize the scale difference. For example, I placed the Lionel 128 and 145 gateman in the front next to each other and not close to scale items that are in the background.

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A lot of accessories are larger than 1/48. For example as mentioned above the new stands and also the light posts. It sounds you have a classic car and I would use it on the layout. The farther into the layout that you put it the less the larger scale will be apparent. Also, if the car is not closely surrounded by 1/48 cars the larger scale will not be as apparent.

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